too little sleep

arg, i am not getting enough sleep. I’ve been reading the third and final book in Lian Hearn’s Tales of the Otori trilogy, Brilliance of the Moon. And playing Chuzzle. God damn those little furballs.

In other news, my D&D game resumes tonight, after a long hiatus. Shelagh is coming over to say hi and bye to all. I got her something that reminded me of her…. i hope she likes it.

Also, i have finally given in and reverted to using MSNM instead of psi. I am beginning to subscribe to Craig David’s “free equals poo” theory. I say subscribe, because the theory itself has a nominal yearly subscription fee. God forbid you might think it were free, or the theory itself would be poo, and collapse in on itself in some sort of universe-destroying event.


2 Responses to “too little sleep”

  1. so you pay Craig D money? damn, he is good

  2. Anonymous Says:

    yay! look! anonymous users can now post on my blog. haha!

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