Watched Resident Evil Apocalypse again last night. Milla kicks ass. The special features will pretty good, including a very entertaining gag real, and Zombie Bootcamp.

In other news, the boss has been down with the flu all week, so the office has been a little crazy. Loadtesting sucks the big one, but i think i’m gaining ground. soon i will be able to kick WebLoad’s ass. I’d like to thank RadView for creating one of the worst programs i’ve ever had to use. It’s user-hostility borders on open-source. I’d think it was shareware if we hadn’t paid so god damned much for it.

Got adobe illustrator installed yesterday. Now i need to learn to use it. Looks shiny.

i miss games. i want to chuzzle 😦 but time is been fleeting (madness takes its toll?). This week so far: Monday night was AGM dinner, tuesday was nice night at home watching a week’s worth of taped tv, wednesday was birthday dinner for alex with family, last night was steak and res evil, tonight is more AGM celebrationing (drinks) and possible movie watching later at cavendish.

Tomorrow i would love to spend at home, doing nothing.


3 Responses to “Zombies!!!”

  1. oh wow – someone else has to suffer RadView stuff as well! i don’t feel so ALONE any more!!

    w-v: Young Foxy Girlfriend Just In!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Just found this post. Congradulations, you appear to be one of three people to use this software. I am having a whale of a time trying to get a basic load test done, and it just ain’t working. Do you have any gems you can share?

  3. Yes, find a different load testing package.

    In all seriousness, though, it took me about a month of fiddling to finally get it woring, and the difficulty is mostly in getting the actions recorded. Proper tab order on your web pages is invaluable, because it means you can forgo using the mouse when recording, and most of the trouble in playback happens in it trying to refind the positions of the buttons. Other than that, lots and lots of trial and error. In the end we actually built a super-simple web page that had like 3 buttons on it, and all they did was key off more complicated function behind the scenes. That way we only had to record a couple of simple actions.

    Good luck 🙂

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