bad weekend

Blegh, what a kak weekend.

Home sick with flu on friday. Boring. I felt well enough by the evening to go to the planned dinner with dad. Went to Cape Town Fish Market in Grand West and had seafood platters.

Woke up in the middle of the night on Friday with food poisoning. I would not recommend CTFM in Grand West. 3 of the 5 of us got sick. Joy.

Felt uncomfortable and poisoned all weekend, but briefly felt well enough during the day on saturday to go out and watch Batman Begins (which roxx0red the suxx0r). And oh, the irony, we got home to discover that we’d been broken in to.

Yep, they tore off the windjam at the bottom of the front door and broke one of the 3 panes of glass. There must have been at least one small child in the group because the only way in and out was that tiny (like 20cm wide) hole in the door, through which they climbed and then passed the DVD player (with subwoofer and 4 speakers – yes, they left one) and alex’s playstation. They also took my favorite scarf and used it to wipe off their prints and staunch the blood from a cut. Then they left it at the top of the stairwell. Guess i won’t be wearing that again.

The also broke into 2 other places. I feel so much better.

Wish we lived in CSI land – the DNA they left on the scarf would have them in jail already. Unfortunately we live in SA. I’ll explain to you what that means: a few years ago while my uncle was having renovations done to the house, he left a signed cheque for my gran in case she needed to pay for something. The cheque disappeared. It was cashed and the builder wrote his ID number on the back of the cheque. Yes, it was him, and it was his ID number. They gave the police all this info, as well as his address. The police went to his house, and his brother said he wasn’t home.

Yes. That’s it. That’s the end of the story. They know who he is and where he lives and they have incontravertable proof and nothing has been done to charge or apprehend him. For years. Welcome to the new south africa.

To continue my rant against advertising:

“What about brazilian? What about brazilian?”
“I’ll show you brazilian!” RRRRRRRRRIP!!!!
“Yeah, how do you like it now, bitch? Let’s see you shampoo that.”



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