meh, not in the mood to work. Not sure what the problem is. Probably cos i don’t feel like taking 5 million screenshots to finish this manual. bleh.

To follow up on the Great B&E Caper, the police did not take the bloody scarf for DNA evidence. i say “what???” although i’m not really surprised. I thought they’d at least make a show of taking it. But when you think about it, it’s not as if we actually have any kind of database in this country, or functioning forensics lab, or trained forensic experts, or even a real fingerprint database (i’m sure that they just throw them away after they’ve taken them when you get your id/passport/driver’s licence/whatever). it’s all a big sham. Even if they found a match against a known criminal, and knew where he was, they wouldn’t arrest him. That would require effort.

Maybe i should have slipped someone some cash?

Again, i wish i could explode heads with the power of thought.


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