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wow, took my car in to the mechanic on monday and had to have the waterpump replaced. R510.15 later, right at the end of the month. Ouch. And then they tell me, oh, while we’re there your cam belt is worn so we should really replace that too, that will be an extra R105. And i’m like ‘no thank you, just fix the leak, i can’t afford it this month. Maybe next month.’

I think this must have been a shock to them, because they couldn’t stop going on about it. Trying to explain to me that i would be saving on labour costs etc etc. But seriously, I can’t make money appear from thin air. If i could, would i still be driving the same piece-of-shit-car? Is this a difficult concept to understand?

Here’s a great site that summarizes all the possible ways the world could end. Interesting read, pretty pictures 🙂

Arg, writing documentation for american clients has fucked up my spelling. I’m spelling in american now. This sucks. I’m putting z’s in places they shouldn’t be and dropping u’s. Blegh.

Interesting evening last night: we were meant to be roleplaying but Schpat found out that dragonfire is next weekend, and we hadn’t done the ThurTeem shirts yet. And he wondered why i was in a rush to get him the image! So we’re in cAnal Walk in Edgars, buying plain black shirts to print on, and who do we run into but Stu. Yes, it was an official sighting, he is still alive. He might be coming to dragonfire, but will not be playing.

In enormously good news, Shelagh may very well be coming down for dragonfire!!! Yay! I am missing shelagh plenty much. I was looking at old pics of the 2003 afterparty and thinking, ‘Man, I’m going to miss shelagh at this dragonfire.’ So excited that she might come down.

Anyway, back to work. The client from hell is bugging me with stupid ‘bugs’. ‘Why isn’t this webpage updating? I log in and then i get Page Not Found.’ Turns out she’s not connected to the network and is surfing her cache. Of course it’s not updating.

This reminds me of her other brilliant bug ‘When i try to log in i get the error Invalid Username or Bad Password.’ Um…yeah. So either your username is wrong (impossible, it’s selected from a dropdown) or you’ve spelt your password wrong. Jeez.


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  1. For more on stupid american spelling and its posible nazi origins check out my SchpatDope from Fri 22 July.

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