Jumping the couch

Well, Tom Cruise’s antics on the Oprah show have spawned a new term: to jump the couch. Its that moment when you know that someone has completely lost their fragile connection to sanity.

Now, this is very obviously an extention of ‘Jump the Shark’, the definitive moment when a television show has hit its peak and it’s all downhill from here baby. This originated from the episode of Happy Days where the Fonz jumps over a shark tank on waterskis, wearing swimming trunks and that leather jacket. That was the point where viewers knew that the show had been on the air for too long. Similar moments have been the downfall of other shows. For example, the X-Files utterly jumped the shark when Mulder left.

As far as Tom Cruise goes, i think he jumped the couch a long time ago when he joined the cult… i mean church of Scientology. Possibly not the point where he became a scientologist, because frankly everyone has the right to believe any nutty thing they like, including that by paying irrational amounts of money they will ‘clear’ their inner ‘thetan’ and release their ‘superhuman abilities to control matter, energy, space and time’. Whatever gets you going.

No, the point of insanity is where Tom, and other scientologists, start telling people that psychiatry is nonsense, that they don’t need therapy and definitely shouldn’t take any kind of medication for a mental illness. Suicidal? Don’t take anti-depressants or see a doctor! Come to Scientology, pay us some money, and we’ll put you through something that is suspiciously like a therapy session but which we will vehemently deny is so. Oh, you killed yourself anyway? That’s okay, you’ll come back in your next life and we can try again. You might be reincarnated on another planet, but Scientology is everywhere.

I’m not kidding. Read about it here and make sure you read the part about Xenu. That’s some good science fiction right there.

I really don’t care that they believe this stuff. It’s when they try and convince other people to avoid medical treatment (Cruise publicly blasted Brooke Shields for taking anti-depressants) that i think they’ve jumped the couch. It’s even worse when someone uses their fame and influence to do it in front of the world media. It’s just plain irresponsible to use your fame to advocate a course of action that could lead to people at best being permanently mentally fucked and at worst succumbing to depression and taking their own lives or the lives of others.

Scientology’s problem with psychiatry and psychology strays from the usual alternative medicine claims of doctors being the pawns of pharmaceutical companies. For scientologists, the reason psychologists are so hated is because 75 million years ago they assisted Xenu in mass genocide, and according to Hubbard himself they “have been on the [time] track a long time and are the sole cause of decline in this universe” (Hubbard, HCO Bulletin, August 26, 1982).

No really. That’s what they believe. They blame psychiatry for everything from the world wars to stalin to 9/11.

BTW i might get sued for this post because ‘Scientology’ is a trademark. And their scriptures are copyrighted and considered to be trade secrets. No, they’re not a dangerously criminal organization posing as a church to avoid paying taxes! What kind of nonsense is that?


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  1. whew, I was gonna talk about this, glad I had too much to say today.

    You just have to remember that L. Ron was a penny-a-word- science fiction writer who started scientology on a bet! People believed him and he decided to run with it, then went mad and started to believe the crap himself.

    Tomorrow I’ll post something on my bolg just for you moonie.


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