Science You Can Make Up For Yourself At Home!!!

As everyone else has already mentioned, yesterday’s roleplaying session did not involve any roleplaying, but certainly a lot of arguing about new orleans, science, bank charges, and what a mission statement means. late night.

schpat introduced us to the work of mushroom-scientist Gary Novak, who is a complete nutjob who believes that the luminiferous ether is the only way to explain relativity, and that kinetic energy is equal to momentum and all of physics is wrong. Nutjob. His ‘proofs’ are laughable. A matric pupil could disprove his rubbish. Hell, an OBE matric pupil, even.

Other than that, we’re super-busy with client stuff. Short post. deal.


2 Responses to “Science You Can Make Up For Yourself At Home!!!”

  1. […] I have mentioned mushroom scientists Gary Novak before, but it was prior to the inception of the Midweek Cuckoo, and I did not do him the justice he truly deserves. I believe Gary’s time has come. […]

  2. Is this Gary Novak the same “Gary Novak, Biologist” who is being forwarded via emails debunking the “theory of Global Warming?”

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