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I submitted Gary Novak’s page to The Quintessence of the Loon, where hopefully he will join the ranks of such esteemed crackpots as David Icke.

Last night i was watching an edition of Special Assignment, focusing on the corruption in the Booysens police department. Illegal (and legal) immigrants are being picked up by the police, and then bribes of no less than R300 per person are accepted for that person to be released. No charges are made. No papers are checked. People are detained (often illegally in the case of actual refugees with papers to prove it) until someone pays the bribe. This was all caught on camera, including numerous officers shamelessly accepting money in full view of other officers and members of the public.

Now, i’m not surprised at all. I wasn’t even all that surprised when the tape was shown to top police officials, who then said that they would have to make their own investigation before they could accept the allegations. now, seriously, how much more of an investigation do you need than reams and reams of camera footage, as well as witnesses willing to come forward to testify? Who is a court going to be more likely to believe? an independant news investigation or an internal investigation of a department known to accept bribes? We all know what’s going to happen – the investigators will be bribed and it will go away.

10% of all people interviewed in a recent survey said that they had had to bribe a civil servant to do something that was their job. 40% of all illegal immigrants have paid a bribe to a policeman or official in order to stay in the country.


Welcome to Yancke, who has joined the CLAWs blogmunity (or whatever the fuck people are calling a community of blogs these days. Comblogity. whatever). I will add him to the links toot-sweet.

Also thanks to yancke for organizing mexican at pancho’s on friday. i can now advise everyone that tortilla-based foods from panchos are not good when reheated. There is something fundamentally off-putting about soggy tortilla. Ech! Same goes for taco- or nacho-based foods, i’m willing to bet.

Z spent the week coding up at varsity. Saturday i gave my glasses in to the optometrists to be fixed, signed up at the local gym, got the driver’s door window and lock fixed on my car, and watched Closer (natalie portman mostly naked, not as boring as schpat would have you believe) and Bridget Jones 2 (best line: the Sistine Chapel – history’s first example of a poof interior designer gone bonkers). That night, ‘Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot’ was on and i couldn’t resist watching that either.

Sunday was my gran’s 75th birthday party. i spent most of the day in the kitchen making fiddly little snacks. Nice party tho.


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