Sad and not at all funny in the end

Well, they blew the whale up. No destruction to property. No people hit in the head by flying whale blubber. Just a dead whale. Sad, really.

Mr. Patel is in the news about his signs again. According to an IOL poll, only 19% of readers agree that his signs are discriminatory. The rest either think he’s right or that people are taking it too seriously. My favourite quote:

I don’t moan, I take action. I wear underpants, other businessmen wear panties

Somebody give that man a medal.


2 Responses to “Sad and not at all funny in the end”

  1. And a medal he will get. Would it matter if it is made out of tinfoil do?
    Jut passing through. Enjoyed reading your posts.

  2. Silly Rabbit! Tinfoil’s for hats!

    Look everyone *points* another saffa 🙂

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