Thar She Blows!

Well, amazingly enough we’re all set for a repeat of the Famous Exploding Whale of Oregon. Western Cape police and marine officials are set to euthanase by explosion the Southern Right Whale that’s been stranded on Mnandi beach for over 36 hours. According to some sort of local Dolphin Action group, it’s the most humane way to kill a whale. Ouch. Hope people move their cars out of the way this time.

Note some interesting new links on the side, to Urban Legends factual resource, and to Phil Blait’s Bad Astronomy. Both very interesting reads and sources of good info.

Good to see the Utah Board of Education has given Intelligent Design the finger, as it rightly should. Unlike Kansas, that den of educational iniquity, ID will not be taught in Utah schools as it is not deemed to be scientific. Nice one, Utah. Keep on fighting the good fight.

Also, our *laugh*esteemed*laugh* Deputy President has claimed that a massive loan to Zimbabwe would not constitute ass-raping South Africans in order to support Zimbabwe. Apparently we just have all this extra money lying around. I can see it now: Mbeki is standing in his office with a sack full of cash, with $$$ signs on the outside. “Phumi, what should we do with all this money? We could spend it on the poor and homeless who we made so many promises to in getting into office, or we could throw it down this bottomless pit.” Gee, guess which choice he’s going to make.

Their favourite claim is that if Zimbabwe collapses (further) SA will be the first to feel the brunt of it. I say, if we’re sending all our money there, and all our grain there, and all our electricity there, and half their people are here, why don’t we just annex them? Seriously, if the fates of these two countries are so incontravertibly linked that we have to support them with our own taxpayer’s money, why don’t we just take them over? I’m sure our defense force could kick their asses if Mugabe puts up a fight. It would be very very easy for us to destroy their army: just stop supplying them with spare parts. They’ll be without a single weapon, tank or helicopter inside two months. We can take them over, dissolve their cabinet, send Mugabe off to some retirement farm (previously white-owned of course), and sort their shit out.

It’s not like they’re going to pay us back for the loan, or the grain, or the electricity, or the parts, or anything else we give them, anyway.


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  1. Dude, I so hope somebody’s there to film it for future internet generations

  2. that’s just wrong! What the hell is the problem with massive amounts of anastheic?

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