Well, a weekend full of mexican food… had some ppl over for mexican on saturday, and when i went to my mom’s on sunday, she proudly announcing we’re having mexican for a change. not that i’m complaining, you understand…

Congratulations to William Shatner on winning an Emmy. I was surprised to discover his wife’s name is Lisabeth, increasing the parallels between the Schpat and the Shat. It’s just weird, man.

Oh, and I spoiled myself this weekend by purchasing Todd McFarlane’s Red Riding Hood. That increases my collection of his figures to 4. Yay!

And i’m just uploading this image so i can have a pic in my profile. It’s Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion, for you anime watchers.


7 Responses to “Ole!”

  1. oh my god, this man is stealing my life!

    -Patrick Stuart!

  2. why? why? why, are you feeding Todd McFuckhead`s cash machine.

    Havent seen the Red Ridinghood yet, but the Hansel `n Gretel and Miss Muffet were found wanting.

    It just wasnt American McGee`s Alice.

    Pesonally I`d rather have Emily Strange in a red ridinghood out-fit toting a big black .45 and a plaque that staes: “Eat me like the good book says.”

    But, Im just weird that way.

  3. if i have not stated my opinion policy on this blog before, let me state it now:

    MoonFlake’s Official Opinion Policy:

    “If your opinion differs from mine, you are wrong.”

    Short and sweet. If you disagree with the policy you are, of course, wrong šŸ™‚

  4. ayanami rei – sexiest schoolgirl EVER! totally suitable, i concur.

    did i mention that i finally got invader zim? i haven’t opened the box yet, ’cause i don’t have any special place to put it and i don’t want it to get dusty / damaged. but it’s got the floating moose head and a bunch of his base’s computer screens! so cute!

    w-v: World Of Largely Lying Rhinos (rhinocerii? dunno.)

  5. I do ,of course, agree with the policy.

    I will, however, NEVER see the appeal of Todd McFarlane`s Actiion figues. They`re all looks and no substance. Is that so wrong?

    If so, feel free to cave my undead head in with a shovel at canal walk on friday. šŸ™‚

    Consultation with Zenstar will conclude that the hungry dead can indeed use blunt objects. (Although prolonged use of Coleen will find that particular zombie very alone when the vans break out of the mall.)

  6. I do ,of course, agree with the policy.
    I have no need to cave your head in with a shovel because by agreeing with the policy, you admit that you are, in fact, wrong šŸ™‚

  7. Making Todd McFarklane right and the world an evil evil e-vile place.

    We`re all doomed…

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