evil is as evil does

hehe, got the mark of the beast on screenshot this morning :

And my evil rating went up 3%. Slowly climbing to the 50% mark.

In news of real evil, health minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang is supposedly backpeddling on her alternative AIDS cures claims in the face of impending legal action from the Treatment Action Campaign. However, her ‘backpeddling’ consists only of issuing the following statement:

“I have never said that traditional medicines and vitamins should be offered as alternatives, which means instead of anti-retrovirals.What I have emphasised is that our people must be given a choice.”

Now, explain to me how ‘giving a choice’ is different to ‘offering an alternative’? At no stage does she say that nutrition and vitamins should be offered in conjunction with ARVs. She says patients should have a choice whether to use these instead of ARVs. She’s been quoted. It’s down in writing. Whatever she says now to backtrack on that is a lie.

This woman has single-handedly done more to confuse AIDS and HIV patients than every crackpot, quack and other source of selfserving misinformation combined. She has said that traditional african remedies were as important as antiretrovirals in treating HIV/AIDS, and that they did not have the side effects that modern medicines have. She advocates an “African potato, lemon and garlic” diet that has been shown to have doubtful efficacy against the infection. Worst of all, she supports snakeoil salesman Matthius Rath and his multivitamin ‘aids cure’ cash machine. She refuses to distance herself from him unless his multivitamins are shown to be “toxic”. As if that’s the point. He’s claiming they cure aids, and charging people an arm and a leg for them. They have been shown not to cure aids. Therefore he is a liar. End.

More than 80% of south africans consult a ‘traditional healer’ before going to a doctor or hospital. It is no wonder, when the country’s health minister would advocate traditional medicines over ARVs because the schedule is “less rigorous” and the medications “cheaper”. Because laziness and cost are so much more important than it actually working.


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  1. Well, this just goes to prove my theory that people are stupid.

    The sad thing is that I think that traditional treatments do actually have alot to offer, but bullshit like this prevents anybody with half a brain even trying to take them seriously.

  2. given that one of the recommended traditional treatments is sex with a virgin, and the younger the virgin, the better the cure, i would say that you and those around you are safer with science. You only need to hear the phrase ‘muti killings’ to know that traditional healing in this country can’t be trusted.

  3. If you are truly evil, you should be able to light your farts without matches or any artificial means.

  4. well. that was graphic. i would’ve gone for something more subtle. like you should be able to set men’s penises afire from no less than 3 yards.

    w-v: Xenophobic Young Couples In Paradise (why do i keep getting x’s??? i think your blog is evil in and of itself :/)

  5. Setting penises on fire… Exploding heads…


    I wonder if I can get holy water as a rub in ointment.

  6. The trick is, of course, multi-vitamins really do help in the typical malnurished rural HIV sufferers case.

    They help prevent the body expending a lot of energy, and keep general health levels higher. Reducing the strain on the , now fairly fucked, immune system.

    Unfortunately, without ART treatments that’s like trying to bail water out of a sinking boat an energy drink – the boat’s still going down.

    The fun think for Manto, is that this whole “natural” medicine bullshit is distracting from the absolutely shit job that she’s doing in the rest of the Health department.

    Me dear Mama is a specialist, primary health care, AIDS nurse. You should hear her bitch.

  7. yeah, no one disagrees that multivitamins and improved nutrition are a good idea along with proper treatment, but they cannot replace proper treatment, as some people would try to make you believe. And they are certainly not a ‘cure’, as Rath claims.

    Oh wait, sorry, it’s not multivitamins in general that Rath thinks cure AIDS. Just the ones he sells 😦

  8. Not that I think Rath is anything but a quackpot, there is a solid foundation to the vitamin theories, check out what wikipedia says about Vitamin C. It’s just really annoying when people take their theories to the furthest extreme to seem revolutionary and of course to sell more product.

  9. Rath doesn’t charge exhorbitant prices.
    He doesn’t claim that his “vitamin” formula cures aids.
    He only claims that his VERY INEXPENSIVE (pennies a day) formula prolongs the life of aids victims by about 20% (from memory.)

    Try doing a little research and then reporting on what you find.

    Please prove to me I’m wrong. I sincerely want you to prove the Rath claims his formula CURES aids and that he is making a big profit from it.

    James Street

  10. I’m really surprised that someone who hosts a website dealing with osteosarcoma can support a man who has defrauded cancer patients with fake cures (and yes, in the case of cancer he most certainly does claim that his cocktail is a CURE). The death of a 9-year-old boy is what it took for his native Germany to take notice of his fraudulent claims. Several other countries have now banned his cancer cure in the basis that it has never been tested for efficacy. Note that Rath also claims that conventional cancer therapies don’t work and actually accelerate the progression of the disease. Be that as it may, let’s talk about AIDS:

    In South Africa (where I live), a month’s supply of Rath’s vitamins costs R180 a month compared to R100 a month for ARVs. This is in a country, remember, where the vast majority of people earn only a few hundred Rand a month. So if the evil pharmaceutical drug cartels are charging LESS for their drugs than Rath is for his vitamins, what does that tell YOU about what Rath is charging? Stop for a moment and think about everything Rath has ever said about the profiteering drug companies, and then realise that his treatment is MORE EXPENSIVE than those supposedly designed to make huge profits for the ‘drug cartels’. If you still think he isn’t making a profit, then you can only agree that the drug companies aren’t either.

    Rath himself on his website and in several paid advertisements (what he calls ‘open letters’ – yet more lies) in newpapers has called his treatment “The effective, safe and affordable solution to the AIDS epidemic” (yes, that’s a quote from Rath). I think you can agree that when most people see the words ‘solution to the AIDS epidemic’ they would read that to mean a cure. In fact, many reporters did and still do. But you are correct in that Rath does not at any point use the word ‘cure’ with respect to AIDS… he merely hints at it with terms like ‘solution to the AIDS epidemic’ and ‘reverses the course of AIDS’.

    And anyway, even if we take the claim you are happy to support – that it only TREATS hiv/aids – that too is a lie because it has never been shown to do so in any kind of clinical efficacy study. He runs his practice in SA illegally, he conducts illegal human experiments for treatments that have not gone through any of the normal preliminary phases that would be required before staging up to human trials, he makes unfounded statements about ARVs, he uses the poor communities (who get ARVs for free in South Africa) as his target market, and if Rath’s vitamins contain the amount of Vitamin C that he has stated they do, the known side effects (diarrhoea) can be FATAL to AIDS patients.


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