Good for a laugh

A few days ago i posted about the Kitzmiller vs. Dover court case where 11 parents are taking a Pennsylvania school district to court for trying to get their kids to learn Intelligent Design. There was a statement that was read out to the students.

In Highest School, a very good parody site about a balanced view in education, the author applies the same statement to the Scientific Method. It’s funny, and illustrates just how stupid the statement really is.

The same guy has another parody site about atheism. Check it out.


2 Responses to “Good for a laugh”

  1. well that method thingy was used by Hitler’s scientists!

  2. Intelligent Design is pseudo science for the ignorant, no more and no less. It’s full of logical holes and scientific fallacies which reduce to no more than the most flimsy example of wishful thinking.

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