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I’ve mentioned Matthias Rath on this blog before, that fast talking snakeoil salesman who tries to get people to believe that his multivitamins will cure AIDS. He’s back in the news, disgraced again by at least one admission from a supporter of his (who declared that his vitamins had helped her) that she had been on anti retrovirals all along. And she says she’s not the only one. In addition, one of his most vocal supporters, who publicly rejected ARVs to go on his multivitamin schedule, has died. Of AIDS. The question is, will this stop people believing his lies? No, of course not.

In news of our neighbouring country, Mugabe has made a move that has finally proven beyond doubt his real motivation behind reclaiming white-owned land. Here’s the six-step process to screwing over your own people to get more power. Step One: claim you are going to take back white owned land and give it to the people, who it was stolen from by the hated colonialist oppressors. Step Two: take all the food-producing land that feeds the entire country and give it over to subsistence farmers who only feed themselves. Step Three: claim this as a great victory for african people. Step Four (and now it starts): rig the elections so that you win by sufficient majority to give you unopposed power to change the constitution. Step Five: make all previously white-owned farms that have been seized, property of the state.

And now, the humdinger: Step Six: make it illegal to occupy state land. So all those subsistence farmers? Gotta go. The land? All belongs to the government to do with it as it pleases. So much for supporting his people.

Back at home, in the news last night, the presenter quoted that there are approximately 70 riots per month in our country, over the lack of housing, water and basic sanitation. Cue scenes of police shooting rioters with rubber bullets and lobbing tear gas grenades, and rioters throwing molotov cocktails and half-bricks. You would be excused for thinking you where watching archive footage from the days of apartheid. Except now, both sides are black. Good to know things have improved so very much in the 11 years of democracy. Nice going, government.


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