Midweek Cuckoo: Jack Thompson

Well, it didn’t take me long to find one. This guy is definitely mad, as well as topical.

John Bruce “Jack” Thompson is a lawyer who is determined to have the world believe that violent video games should be made illegal because they create killers. He calls them ‘murder simulators’. He refuses to accept that just like violent cinema and television, at the end of the day it has an age restriction to inform parents, and from then on it’s their choice what they let their kids play or watch. He also refuses to believe that making it illegal isn’t going to make it any less available (think drugs and prostitution). No, no, video games are the ‘tools of the devil’, and make kids insane. Seriously. Read the wikipedia article for more of his previous insanity.

So fervent is he in his madness that he recently issued the following challenge to the gaming industry: make a game based on this scenario (where a man takes revenge on the gaming industry for supposedly creating his son’s killer, by brutally murdering the heads of the major gaming companies) and he will donate $10,000 to charity.

Guess what? Some gaming company made it. Did Jack stay true to his word? Of course not. He said it was only ‘satire’. Penny Arcade, in a damning move, donated $10,000 to charity in his name.

Did he thank them? No, in fact he apparently reported them to the Seattle Police Chief for harrassment, because of their comments about him on their website, a cartoon they did about him, and a shirt they apparently sell that says ‘I Hate Jack Thompson’. Wow, that’s some serious harrassment. He even called their donation criminal harrassment. Is this guy insane or what?

See comments from VGCats (as well as an email correspondence they recorded which shows his particular variety of spittle-flecked insane ranting), and also Cntrl-Alt-Del.

Other interesting sites about Jack:
stopkill. com – Jack’s site
stopstopkill.com – an anti-jack site.


5 Responses to “Midweek Cuckoo: Jack Thompson”

  1. Tiny correction, PA says it was a “mod team” who developed the game. The site is currently down (slashdotted! Or rather, PAed!), but I would imagine that probably means it’s a conversion of Quake3 or CoD or some other existing game via the creation of new models, maps, etc. The point I’m trying to make is suuuper low effort. I’m betting these people were just doing it to test ol’ JT, rather than in any serious attempt to get him to do as he claimed he would. Wanker.

    Oh, and as a friend of mine said, JT, if you read this, it’s all just satire. That’s right, you can’t sue us because we’re just joking. Seriously. We love you ^_^


  2. yeah, sorry, serves me right for trying to update and work at the same time. It’s a mod for GTA:SA i seem to recall. One of JT’s *favourite* games

  3. Grim_2o0o Says:

    All I can say is Jack Thompson is a tool. He is on some kind of Jihad against all video games with violence, is he forgetting that he lives in a country where you’re supposed to be free to make your own decisions about things, if he were to be a president then he would be a dictator. Simple as that.

    Murder simulator wtf is he on about, he obviously hasn’t been to the Aryan website where they have racist games specifically targetted at killing ethnics in a various range of settings. Why does he not take action against those games? Probably because he hasn’t got a clue what he’s talking about. The people who kill someone after playing games/wtching videos/movies are already mentally deranged in the first place.

  4. or how about the Christian computer games that involve trying to convert the infidel, and if they refuse to be converted, blowing them away with guns?

  5. Yep, that still sucks too, Religion shuldn’t come in to games in the first place…

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