I’m back in the land of braais and boerewors, ladies and gents. The flight back was definitely better than the flight up, in that my luggage was not lost and once we left Dakar there were enough free seats that i could move away from the fat cow next to me and get some real space. Seriously, when you are so wide that you push the arm rest up at 45 degrees on an airplane seat, you really need to start thinking about losing some weight. or you should be forced to buy two seats, or a business class seat, because you may not realise but you are making the already arduous experience of travelling cattle class even worse for the person next to you. oh, you think i’m discriminating against overweight people just because they’re not the norm? damn right. and they should be discriminated against. they don’t allow smoking on airplanes, but no one bitches about discrimination there.

which reminds me: when did it become socially acceptable to be overweight? some comedian once said that these days we don’t really think much of saying to someone who is smoking that they are killing themselves and they need to quit. But tell a fat person they’re killing themselves and they need to lose weight, and suddenly you’re a horrible person with no feelings. It’s as if there’s an anti-stigma stigma around weight. May i remind everyone here that heart disease is still the biggest worldwide killer of men and women, and far outstrips all cancer combined, never mind just the cancers you get from smoking. and the biggest contributer to heart disease? unhealthy lifestyle. seriously people, big is not beautiful, it’s bad for you and it’s killing you. the worst is people with fat kids. wake up. overfeeding your kids, or letting them eat whatever crap they like, is just as bad as handing them the cigarette and lighting it for them. You are setting them up for a lifetime of addiction and poor health, and an early death. nice one.

anyway, rant aside, the company is off on our annual getaway this weekend. should be fun. and i just discovered i have both next thursday and friday booked off. Long weekend! yay! booking your public holidays at the beginning of the year rocks. discovering you have a day off already booked is even better than finding money in a pair of pants you haven’t worn in ages.


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  1. I think the comedian might have been Bill Hicks. He’s usually about that offensive =) Our not afraid to say things, depending on your viewpoint 😉

  2. Maybe because no one is bound to smoke, whereas some pple are bound to become fat ? Smokin deals about drug , fat is about drug (junk food) AND in some (rare) case about natural genetic disease. ( Ok ok , right , i guess 90% of fat pple are just stupid enough to eat junk food everyday, eatin an unhealthy way etc.) The problem is you can’t discriminate against them all cause you might be discriminating against someone who’s sick. Not cool.

    Ps : I’ve been reading your blog for a while now ( since I started my internship in july actually, which is, since I started having LOADS of free time…) it’s pretty cool and funny, I like it 🙂 especially the description of the real America

    PPS: I’m healthy and in good shape, no worries, no offense at all 😀

  3. Synk: yeah, sounds like him.
    Kaktus: you do have a point about there being some people who are just genetically screwed, but obesity is such an epidemic these days that it seems almost irrational that we are so afraid to do anything about it. AIDS, smoking, drugs, alcoholism – these are all mass killers with mass social backing to eradicate them. But obesity somehow gets PC’ed and no one is more injured by that in the long run than those who think it means it’s okay to be obese.
    mostly i’m just irritated after being sat on both there and back by people who couldn’t fit in their seat. Maybe what the airlines should do is offer several seat-and-a-half seats at a slightly higher price for plus size people. Surely they can’t be comfortable either? But then again, isn’t that discrimination against normal sized people? Why do we have to sit in the little seats?
    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  4. generalising is just that generalisng. there are fat people who we should sympathise with, people who generally can’t help being overweight. then there are people who should lose some fucking weight. I had a friend who suffered from something that is called nephrotic syndrome, i think, and he was horribly overweight for a few years. but, i believe that most people that are clinically obese do not fall into this category. those people need to wake up.


  5. 1. That is a terrible picture, and how exactly does it motivate whether i’m fat or not? It’s a god damn headshot.
    2. People who read this blog and know me – how about letting anonymous know what you think about whether or not i’m obese?
    3. so you figured out my name, and found a pic of me online. well done. i gather you posted as ‘anonymous’ to avoid anyone reading this doing the same to you? coward. i’d like to know the shade of your pot.

  6. No, anon, the pic really doesn’t do Moonflake justice.
    She’s no more a fatty than Marilyn Monroe.

    (Well hey mf last I saw you, you weren’t – I trust your weight hasn’t changed drastically in the two years I’ve been away… 😉

  7. better marilyn monroe than marilyn manson 🙂

    and in fact i think i might actually have gone down a dress size since you left. the joys of not being a student anymore.

    Thanks for the response 🙂

  8. Oh i see, sorry had 5 min online time and read your blog. Pic’s a bit pixelated. Fat not fair, anyone can lose weight, try beating my metabolism. I remember America, clinically obese is REALLY fat not to mention dangerous to yourself. Break it down to money. What will the state pay towards your medical bills from symptoms and side effects from being overwieght?

    p.s. nice to have you back Sugar, look after my bitch for me now that your home!!

  9. anonymous is an idiot.

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