It was my birthday yesterday. Thanks to all who wished me. I brought cake to work, as is the tradition around here, and i got a cool pressie from zenstar (all 3 csi games w00t!) and we went out with synk last night and saw harry potter 4. Apart from work, which is t3h suck at the moment (daily 3-hour meetings arg), it was a great day.

I will be at anus singularis in obs on friday night after 9 for anyone who wants to come celebrate with me, or just say hi. That’s the one ring if you didn’t understand my punny latin, which is bad, i know.

In the news today, a US study has made the outrageous claim that adverts affect children’s choices in what they eat and drink, and these choices are mostly unhealthy. The food and beverage industry is not in agreement, saying that people should make their own choices. Let me repeat that in simpler terms: studies show adverts work as intended; people who continue to pay for them claim they do not.

Well, i will be back later with a Midweek Cuckoo. In theory.


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  1. That sounds a lot like the gun issue. Guns work the way they are intended to, which can be unhealthy for the people they are used on, and the people that make them claim otherwise.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    hope it was a good one.


  3. thanks, it was pretty good. looking forward to friday night tho.

  4. Sad truth. People who make hamburgers can tell you a lot about works and doesn’t work for hamburgers. They can judge a hamburger, they can price a hamburger and they think everyone else should know about hamburgers.

    They also no nothing about advertising.

    This is true in just about every industry (as most marketing execs are loyal accountants or jumped up salesmen – not that actually marketing people are much better).

  5. i think the point i’m trying to get across is more that the hamburger makers know exactly what advertising is meant to do: make people want your product, even if they didn’t want it before, and make them think it’s better than any other product, so that they will go out and spend money on your product.
    And then when someone tells them it works, they’re all like ‘oh no it doesn’t’.
    Yes it does, if it didn’t you wouldn’t be using it.

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