Warp Speed Mr Sulu

Which SciFi character are you? I…am Captain Kirk… apparently… which is… awesome.

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

Also, in relation to yesterday’s Virgin Galactic link, check out what you can do with your Virgin Atlantic frequent flyer miles. Loving it.

And here is the worst blog in the world. Seriously. One post. 200+ comments, including what appear to be subsequent posts. I don’t think this guy has realised that the main page is where you post. He managed to get it right once, he can’t lie and say he doesn’t know how. To give you a little history, the reason he’s started his blog is because he’s been banned from so many other forums and pages that he’s retreated to his own shoddy corner of the interweb where he can safely be ignored. He’s a supporter of Intelligent Design who is such a frother that even that arch-frother William Dembski has banned him from commenting on his site. William Dembski! That’s like Jack Chick thinking you’re too much of a fundamental evangelist.

I was going to comment on his blog and explain in little person words how to use blogspot, but he only allows bloggers to comment (and then complains that no one is commenting), which means he would be able to follow me back here, and i really don’t feel like banning him from this site too.


6 Responses to “Warp Speed Mr Sulu”

  1. I’m Data. Oh well.

  2. Well, at least you’re anatomically correct and fully proficient in a wide range of sexual positions and techniques.

    oh, and pretty smart too.

  3. ‘I am fluent in over 1 million forms of communication’

    Oh, sorry, wrong series >_> I keep getting them confused.

    And omg! He doesn’t even have fucking _datestamps_ on the comments page! Just timestamps! ‘This was posted at 6:45am, on some day. Before the next post, at least’. Jesus christ. Another little gem at the end came to my attention:
    “I will not debate fundamentalists of any description”
    So, then, are you not a fundamentalist? Especially in this fairly hilarious (in this situation) part of the definition (accordion to Merriam-Webster):
    “1 a often capitalized : a movement in 20th century Protestantism emphasizing the literally interpreted Bible as fundamental to Christian life and teaching”
    Hypocrite. How very christian.

  4. I’m identifiyng with adama from galactica!!! :p

    I invites you to visit my love poems blog on http://catmanenglish.blogspot.com

  5. ok, catmans’s poems are amusing. i hope for his sake that he finds vogons attractive.

    *puzzled*: i also got kirked. dammit! i wanna be muad’dib!

  6. All of you are lucky. I was fucking Wesley Crusher.

    It was horrible.

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