more birthday goodness

well, the birthday celebrations are finally over. Saw some ppl at the One Ring on friday, which was great fun and thanks to all who arrived. To those who didn’t hear about it, i apologise for letting the grapevine do my work for me, you really can’t delegate a damn thing to it these days. To those who knew about it and didn’t come anyway (*glares at waynne*) there is a special place reserved for you…

Saturday we had dinner at Patrick and Elisabeth’s (thanks for the pressie!), and watched d@vid’s sister in the Miss South Africa Pageant. Sorry to say that she didn’t even make the token white position in the top 5. She looked great though and it’s certainly something good to put on her resume. Beauty pageants…they’re just weird, man.

It got me wondering though – scary movie made the joke about the token black guy in the movies, who says things like ‘damn!’ and ‘that shit is whack!’. In SA it’s the other way around – we have the token white guy/girl. But i can’t think what their cliched catchphrase would be – suggestions?

Sunday i went round to the folks, and got more pressies! It’s way too much fun dragging things out for over a week. It feels like the birthday never ends, and now it’s nearly time for christmas.

Well, back to work, it’s monday again and the beat goes on. BTW, i shake my fist at all of you who haven’t updated your blogs in ages. Yes, babyacid, yancke, andrew, archangel… i’m looking at you. I need more regular updates dammit! You will post! Obey the fist!


4 Responses to “more birthday goodness”

  1. Obey the fist? that sounds scary, but possibly not as bad as obey the fisting.

  2. or, indeed, as scary as ‘obey the fistula’.

    go on, look it up, you know you want to.

  3. Obey the rectovaginal fistula? um, *cowers in fear*

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