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I know it’s a little early for the Midweek Madman, but the mere existence of this person has got me so furious that i’m not sure i can hold on until tomorrow. Usually the kooks i find and introduce to you are those sad cases who are at worst to be pitied and at best to be laughed at until your sides hurt. But today’s kook is different, because she falls into the ranks of those who are not just a danger to themselves, but are a definite and real danger to countless others around them, both by their immediate actions and by their influence over the actions of others.

Christine Maggiore is an AIDS denialist, possibly one of the best known in the United States. With her book “What If Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong” and her organization Alive & Well AIDS Alternatives, she is on a full throttle drive to re-educate america and the world on the subject of AIDS and HIV. Her belief? That HIV does not cause AIDS.

Let me repeat that: she is trying to convince the world that the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, a virus which causes specific failure of the human immune system, is not the cause of the Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, a syndrome characteristic of immune system failure in humans. Her reason? Because she was diagnosed with HIV and has not yet progressed into full blown AIDS.

Now I am well at the forefront of belief that people should be allowed to think whatever they want, and believe whatever they want on their own time and in their own homes. If Christine wants to eschew antiretrovirals and proper healthcare because she doesn’t understand the concept of a disease progression half-life, then that’s fine. Eventually she will progress to AIDS, and she will die, and even then she will probably be telling people it’s not AIDS. But Christine does not keep it to herself: she spreads the word, and she succeeds in getting others to believe that there is no need for medication and that they will be just fine.

Her kind are the ones whispering in Thabo Mbeki’s ear, causing him to sprout his own AIDS denialist nonsense, tragically irresponsible coming from a president of a country that has 10% of the population living with HIV or AIDS. Her kind are indirectly responsible for the delay in the ARV roll-out in this country, and thereby the early deaths of people who could have had many more years of normal life with the benefit of drugs that are so easily available elsewhere. In a country like south africa, where 80% of the population already is so mistrusting of conventional medicine that they would rather go to a witchdoctor first, the AIDS denialists are only adding unnecessary confusion to the issue of educating the populace about AIDS.

But all of this pales in comparison to what she has done to those nearest to her. Christine does not believe that she even has HIV, or that if she does that it can be passed on to her children. After being diagnosed, she went on to fall pregnant and give birth to a boy. Five years later, she did it again, and this time had a girl. She breastfed both children.

The boy, thankfully, has tested negative. Not so lucky his sister. Eliza Jane Scovill died earlier this year from AIDS-related pneumonia. Her mother still denies that this is what killed her, despite the coroner’s report being extremely specific in the finding of PCP, which is not just any kind of pneumonia, it’s an extremely rare form of pneumonia only found in people with severe immune deficiency, primary in those with AIDS. It was this pneumonia and its sudden increase during the 1980s that lead doctors to discover AIDS in the first place.

Christine has even gone to the extent of getting diagnosis-for-hire Mohammed Al-Bayati to testify that the coroner’s report is wrong, and that the baby actually died of penicillin poisoning. Never mind that a med student could pull apart his argument, this man has proven before that he will support any kind of human filth for a paycheck, even going so far as to get a man out of jail after he was convicted of murdering his stepson. That’s right, he supported someone who was convicted of shaking a 10-week old infant to death, telling courts that the baby’s injuries (such as detached retina, bleeding on the brain and broken ribs) were caused by vaccines, rat poison, and just about everything else he could think of. So naturally, i’m not inclined to believe the testimony of this man, who claims to be an expert witness in autopsy cases, but who is not qualified as an anatomical pathologist.

David Icke, a former midweek cuckoo, has given her his support. People all over America are standing by her as she is investigated for criminal negligence. All this in the face of overwhelming evidence that they are wrong.

As a South African, I live in a country where every day children whose mothers have given them a death sentence in the form of HIV are left to rot in orphanages until they die of the first opportunistic infection that comes their way. That someone like Christine Maggiore can be allowed to run loose, poisoning the minds of people already desperate for even the smallest hope that a positive HIV test is not a death sentence, poisoning the minds of those with the power to ease the suffering of millions, and murdering her own child through complacency… it disgusts me. She and her kind disgust me.

I only have one question for her: what if everything you thought you knew about AIDS was wrong?

This is Eliza Jane. Her mother killed her. Don’t think for one second these people aren’t dangerous.


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  1. The biggest problem with the whole AIDS/HIV thing is that the media’s (and cookoo’s) description of it continues to be HIV/AIDS.

    My dear mama is busy doing her masters in the practical hows and whys of treating HIV is south africa, and the nurses/doctors/random volunteers don’t refer “full blown AIDS” as AIDS anymore.

    Now it’s just referred to as stage III (or IV, I can’t remember) HIV.

    Now wouldn’t that have cleared up a lot of problems if we went that way. (I mean hell, we don’t call it GIDS anymore either).

  2. hey – natural deselection.

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