Coincidence? I think not!

Today, one year ago, our entire office grabbed every piece of valuable machinery, took it out of the office and placed it in their cars. Work halted. Servers were disconnected. Switchboards became inoperative. People streamed out of the office in one mass exodus.

Today, one year later, exactly the same thing is about to happen, at 5pm. Spooky. Such a coincidence must mean that (insert paranormal power or influence here) must exist! It cannot be a coincidence!

Of course, last year we were fleeing a mountain fire that threatened to engulf the office and us in it. This year we just so happen to be moving to a new office on the same day. But i defy you to prove that there isn’t a mysterious connection between them.


2 Responses to “Coincidence? I think not!”

  1. All praise Xeenu

  2. All Hail the Great Galactic Overlord! In the name of the Volcano, the Bomb, and the Holy Psychologist. Amen.

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