Michael Jackson: Crazier than Ever

Good old MJ – even moving to Bahrain doesn’t seem to have stopped the world noticing he’s totally nuts. First he walks into a woman’s toilet, then he’s spotted wearing an abaya, which is the head to toe black dress traditionally worn by muslim women.

Yes indeed, this only goes to show my theory that MJ died years ago and has since been impersonated on a regular basis by his sister Latoya. It explains a lot.

Oh, and online casino Golden Palace bought William Shatner’s kidney stone on eBay for $25,000. These are apparently the same people who bought the Virgin Mary Cheese Sandwich, so it just goes to show people with too much money are nuts.

7 Responses to “Michael Jackson: Crazier than Ever”

  1. Unless william Shatner’s kidney stone comes from “where no man has gone before” it hardly seems worth it.

  2. Hah, i would be pretty certain no man has ever gone to william shatner’s kidneys before.

    And if they have…well… i will never think of Captain Kirk the same way again.

  3. where do you think slash fanfic started?

  4. Haha… I was referring to the voice over at the start of Star Trek episodes.
    PS: I tried to respond to your survey, but the delivery failed. Anyway, my star sign is Virgo… consider this my submission.

  5. dude, i need an email address to send the horrorscope to.

  6. sent 🙂

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