Good Old South Africa

Well, here we go again. It’s been a while since i’ve read the news, but nothing seems to have changed.

Our health minister is out to ruin small pharmacies again, trying once more to institute controlled medicine pricing, even after the constitutional court ruled against her twice for trying the same crap. Last time the pharmacies that were worst hit were those in the rural areas and townships, forcing the poor people she was supposedly ‘helping’ to travel even further at greater expense to find medication, and forcing many many people into unemployment. I wonder what will happen this time?

The rape trial of our ex-deputy president continues, with the defence team using the standard pathetic tactics of attempting to discredit the victim rather than give any real evidence. Their story? Zuma did have sex with her, but she consented. And he didn’t use a condom. And he knew she was HIV positive. Oh, and she’s crazy anyway because she underwent treatment after losing her father, and had an abortion once a long time ago. Slut.

So, even if Zuma is found not guilty, one can only draw the conclusion that by his own admission he is too dumb to live. I hope he caught HIV during that little escapade, because anyone dumb enough to have unprotected sex with a known HIV-positive person deserves exactly what they get. Or, he was safe because he has it already. Either way, this is one man who is way too stupid to ever be president, and may just die before he gets the chance. I hope.

Ten days after the announcement that Koeberg was sabotaged and arrests imminent, we are still in the dark (haha) about how the mystery bolt got in the reactor, and where these ‘suspects’ are. I’m sticking with my story – some twit screwed the cover back on and discovered only three bolts, and quietly replaced the missing one, hoping no-one would ever notice. As soon as the unit crashed, he disappeared into Llanga or some place similar, never to be found again. Then the government used the tall tale of sabotage to avoid their votes sliding. It’s a story with so much more local flavour and spirit.

Oh, and you should go and read schpat’s blog to discover just how bad our local police force are. Couldn’t find a four-year-old kidnap victim’s body in her own god damn bedroom. Her own bedroom! Talk about running through the crime scene with a fine toothed comb! When we talk about ‘crack police work’ in this country, we mean work that would imply the police were on crack.


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  1. I must admit that I’m not convinced that there is even a bolt. I just don’t believe anything they tell us anymore. So many lies, so little time.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    There are so many frightening things about this rape trial – not least that a presumably well-informed man would risk his life, but also that the rape victim was so utterly clueless about how she became pregnant the first time, how she got aids, or even it seems what sex actually is.

  3. while it is certainly frightening, i can’t say it’s surprising. Then again, maybe her pregnancy was an immaculate conception.

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