Midweek Mayhem

One of the clients is down from NY, I’m very busy and so my nettage is limited for the moment. Chances of getting anything meaningful this week are slim. However, i do have a few nuggets for you:

There’s a possibility that Isaac Hayes did not quit South Park, contrary to last week’s Midweek Cuckoo. Indeed, he is apparently recuperating from a stroke he suffered in mid January, and has not made any press releases or statements lately. People close to the singer are wondering who exactly issued the statement claiming that he was quitting due to South Park’s religious intollerance. It apparently wasn’t him. Scientology puppet masters, anyone?

The british (well some of them anyway) are being a bunch of babies about the institution of ID cards. Who cares? I carry my ID book everywhere with me. I have found it very comforting to be asked for ID when doing things like drawing large sums of money from my bank account. When i was in the states, i noticed that the majority of people do not sign their credit cards, or sign them ‘Ask For ID’ to ensure that they cannot be used without presentation of valid identification. How is it in any way an ‘infringement of civil liberty’? Your rights and liberties are not being infringed by someone asking you to prove you are who you claim to be, especially when doing something that could be harmful to the real you, like clearing out your bank account. The carrying of an ID book or card can only protect you. Bunch of socialist, welfare-dependant, tea-drinking hippies.

Locally, the DA have come up against a wall in their efforts to take a snake oil salesman to court for claiming without evidence that his herbal remedy can treat HIV. It’s not that it went to court and they lost, it’s that the public prosecutor refused to press charges of fraud. Prosecutor Jabu Ngcobo defends his decision:

There was not enough evidence to prosecute, and when I looked at the evidence, I did not see fraud. He (Gwala) said he believes in his medicines, and said it in good faith. He told them (the DA) to come back after four months, and if it didn’t work, then they should have come to us after that period. How can I dispute his medicine without testing it for that period of time?

Excuse me? Did i read that right? He’s saying the because he can’t tell until the four months is up whether the medicine works or not, that he can’t prosecute? Is he a doctor now too? If he is, then he must have heard of things like standards boards, and official efficacy trials? But wait, it seems the law in South Africa actually protects this kind of charlatan from prosecution. In fact, the Department of Health has drafted an African Traditional Medicines Bill. According to sociologist Herbert Vilakazi:

The constitution of this country mandates us to recognise and to respect the cultural practices and models of African people, of which African traditional medicines is one. They should have recognised the fact that it wouldn’t go far because Ubhejane is not bound by regulations. It is umuthi wenyanga, a herbal mixture, and it does not need to be registered.

So basically what he’s saying is that African people are so physiologically different to westerners that they need a whole ‘nother kind of medicine, that the clinically proven and tested western medicine will not be enough for them. Does he not see the inherent racism in that statement? Why are africans so different that they need different medicine?

And really, this bullshit about ‘herbal mixtures’ not needing to be registered is such a front for people who want to contravene legal testing of their ‘cures’. In the States people do exactly the same thing to get around FDA regulations – declare it a ‘food supplement’, or a ‘herbal remedy’, over which the FDA has no jurisdiction. It’s one way liars continue to sell Colloidal Silver to people, even though they know it causes argeria. Never mind that they are making all sorts of claims about efficacy that have not been proven, what have they done to investigate side effects? Contra-indications? Anything?

Oh but i forgot, it’s herbal, nature would never create anything that could harm us. I’ll just brew up that White Oleandar tea for you then, shall I?

And on a lighter note, i bet if Tom Cruise had a blog, it would be just like this one.


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