SA Govt Ready to Seize First White-Owned Farms

What did I say? What did i fucking say?

This is how it starts. Of course talks are going to fail. Government wants them to fail. Why would it pay market price for something it can get for peanuts?

4 Responses to “SA Govt Ready to Seize First White-Owned Farms”

  1. that is plain mad! one would think that history would teach a few lessons, but it is always a vicious cycle. especially with the consequences Zimbabwe as a next door neighbour has seen under Mugabe – the African Hitler (oops, now i will be hunted down and shot, oh well).

  2. Hey now, sure, the government mandated seizure (purely in the name of political expediency) of privately held enterprises that were vital to the national interest fucked up big-time in Zimbabwe. But I feel absolutely sure that the SA govt are going to do something… ummmm…. different.

    And it will all work out fine.

  3. well, i’m suddenly feeling much better that i’m no longer living in sa…

  4. sure it will all work out fine… for the fat cats on the gravy train. What i find very interesting is that the government has resorted to seizing white owned farms to give to landless blacks, when the government itself owns 25% of all farms in SA! Why, I wonder, do they not start by giving away the farms they own already?

    The reason is, it’s not about the landless blacks. Its about the landed black gentry known as the SA Govt looking for more for themselves.

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