A few links for you on this fine friday

Go to Rolling Stone to read a great article on Scientology. Learn some things you never realised, such as scientology’s position on homosexuality (bad), interracial relationships (bad), and non-scientologists (referred to as Wogs). This gives you a lot of insight in LRH’s personal beliefs – it seems he was a big homophobic racist. For those of you in the US who may not know (i think it’s chiefly British slang), ‘wog’ is a disparaging term used to refer to a person of color, usually those of african origin. The US equivalent would be ‘nigger’. LRH would have been very aware of this as the UK was his base of operations for quite some time while he was being investigated by various US federal authorities.

Michael Shermer reviews SHAM: How the Self-Help Movement Made America Helpless by investigative journalist Steve Salerno.

The Treatment Action Campaign succeeds in getting the Chambe HIV and AIDS Healing Scheme ads pulled for falsely claiming they can cure “HIV and AIDS and related diseases”. It’s only one small battle won in the war against HIV/AIDS fraud.

And Tony Snow, the new spokespuppet for Bush, puts his foot where his mouth is when it comes to evolution. Here’s a quote that shows exactly how much Snow knows about evolution and how qualified he is to talk about it:

Today, evolutionary theorists find themselves at wits’ end because the fossil record provides no evidence of any species ever turning into another. We know species adjust to environmental conditions — ever notice how tall kids are these days? — and that natural selection does occur. But there’s nothing to vindicate the notion of an evolutionary leap.

Wow. To quote the Index to Creationist Claims:

We would not expect to observe large changes directly. Evolution consists mainly of the accumulation of small changes over large periods of time. If we saw something like a fish turning into a frog in just a couple generations, we would have good evidence against evolution.

Nuff said.


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  1. snowjob. heh. and the word makes me think of snowballing. heh, heh.

  2. snowjob – n. blowjob that ends in snowballing.

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