The Worst Blog in the World Mark II

A while ago i mentioned the worst blog in the world. Now the author is at it again, and has created another blog. The blog description reads:

This blog is an extension of my earlier “Prescribed Evolution” blog which got cumbersome with over 800 posts.

When he says ‘posts’, he means ‘comments’. It pretty much just consisted of a single post, and then John arguing with DaveScot and himself in the comments to that single post.

The new one also only has one post, and is at 200+ comments already. Again, mostly from John.
(It think there’s something i need to make clear – John argues with DaveScot not because he is anti-ID, but because even within the Intelligent Design community, no one likes John. He is that rarity – an IDiot so crazy even other IDiots don’t want to be associated with him. )


3 Responses to “The Worst Blog in the World Mark II”

  1. How good is that? I’m such a dickhead even other dickheads hate me!

  2. i think john would concur that makes you a king among dickheads. And even the king of dickheads is still a king.

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