Lunch and the Intartron

Yesterday i was so busy i didn’t eat lunch, which i feel is about the right kind of busy. Today is a lunch day at work, though (tuesdays and thursdays lunch is provided) so i’m taking quick break to eat lunch and blog. This post may be somewhat incoherent, as i’m just taking down thoughts while reading my usual selection of favorite sites.

Bad Astronomy has a link to a cute optical illusion. Nice.

Ugh, the news is just too much to mention. Over the last few days south africans have been murdered left, right and center, and yet our minister of safety and security still will not apologise for saying that south africans who winge about crime can get out of his country. It makes me so mad i can’t even begin to comment.

Skepchick has a couple of funny articles about church building without a permit and some guy who claims he can read your baby’s palms while it’s still in the womb. Kooks and the religious, always good for a laugh.

Ah, Pharyngula is scathing as always. People who call themselves educated and don’t know the name of Nyarlathotep deserve our scorn.

Hmm, maybe more later. Time to get back to work.


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  1. A productive lunch-hour, I see. I hope you didn’t get crumbs jammed in the keyboard.

  2. sacrilege! you might as well imply that i have fingerprints on my monitor!

    i nearly always eat lunch at my desk. It’s sometimes an interesting exercise not to make a mess, especially on soup days.

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