Kent Hovind Arrested

Evangelist Kent Hovind has been arrested on 58 federal charges including all manner of fraud and tax evasion. For those of you who don’t know him, Kent is a Young Earth Creationist who created his own dinosaur theme park to teach children that god made the dinosaurs and the rest of the earth in six days. He calls himself Dr. Dino, although Dr. Dunno might be more appropriate.

Hovind has a history of behaving as though man’s law does not apply to him. His dino land was shut down in April because Kent believes zoning laws are against his religion. Here’s some more detail on his past brushes with the law, and more detail on his current arrest. Here’s an entire site dedicated to an analysis of his various stupidities.

So why didn’t I save this for a Midweek Cuckoo? Because i don’t believe Kent is crazy. I’m not even entirely sure he’s a christian or a creationist. I think he just likes money a lot, and religion is a good excuse to claim tax exemption. I think he’s a crook, not a kook.

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  1. Guess what he’s getting for his birthday .

  2. personally i’d prefer he get the kind of soap that’s easy to drop

  3. Right on, Moonflake.
    You gotta love it when the “high and righteous” fall foul to their own schemes.

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