Has he even read the bill?

Bush has declared that he will veto HR810, the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005, after it passed the House of Representatives at 238 votes to 194.

So what does HR810 say that has Bush so determined to use his power to veto? It allows for stem cell research to be performed on embryos that were created in fertility clinics and were meant for in vitro fertilization but were in excess of the need, that will otherwise be disposed of, and that have been donated with written consent and without any form of remuneration.

That seems perfectly sensible, so what are some of the objections? House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex) calls it a “vote to fund with taxpayer dollars the dismemberment of living, distinct human beings for the purposes of medical experimentation.” He obviously didn’t read the bill because it doesn’t provide for any kind of funding from the taxpayer. Nor can something be dismembered when it has not yet developed any members, but that’s besides the point. Henry J. Hyde (R-Ill) obviously didn’t read it either: “For the first time in our national history, taxpayers’ dollars are going to be spent for the killing of innocent human life.” Again, no provision for funding is specified. Some other people tried to make comparisons with slavery and the Tuskegee experiments, and i’m not even going to dignify their stupidity by quoting it.

But Bush takes the cake with this whopper:

This bill would take us across a critical ethical line by creating new incentives for the ongoing destruction of emerging human life.

He really must not have read the bill, because it specifies that only those embryos that would otherwise be destroyed may be used! The embryos are not going to be any less disposed of whether they’re used for the research or not, retard.

It makes me sick that there isn’t an IQ test before an election.


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  1. You’ll get stoned for this one for sure if word ever gets out that you advocate – however obliquely – a meritocracy. The primary God Given Right is the right not to be penalised for being a complete fuckwit.

  2. ah yes, i must bear in mind that america is a country where nothing prevents a person from rising to the highest office in the land. That’s why they’ve had so many black and female presidents.

  3. He read it exactly as much as he read the court documents for each of the hundreds of people he sentenced to death while Texas governer: absolutely zip.

  4. Wait, you’re telling me that someone who screams and shouts about the sanctity of human life did not automatically repeal every death sentence that came before him as governor? but…but that would make him a hypocrite!

  5. and we all know that doubya ain’t no rootin’ snootin’ hypocrite! (what’s a hippo-crit, anyway?)

  6. Not that I agree with Bush on this, but I would think you would see what his sticking point is.

    Without stem cell research needing these embryo’s there is no use for the excess ones created during preparation for in-vitro. However, if it is legal to use the excess for stem cell research there is now another use for them and there is the possibility of a greater excess being created as a “by product” of in-vitro to be used for research. Until you get to the point that they are only being created for research under the guise of in-vitro or some other “excuse”.

    Do you see his point now? Good, you are intelligent and reasonable. You don’t have to agree with it, but now you can see both sides.

  7. okay, bush’s sticking point is that it’s against his religion, not any reason that would approach the logical. So no, the other side of his ‘argument’ is hardly a valid one that i need to agree with, no more so than if his motivation were that the moon is made of green cheese.

    Your sticking point, on the other hand, is fallacious. It’s called the slippery slope argument. You have no proof that A will lead to Z via the slippery slope of B through Y. Unless you can provide evidence for your conjecture, the minute possibility that Z will occur is not a cogent argument against A.

    Do you see the fallacy now? Good, you are intelligent and reasonable. You don’t have to agree with it, but now you can see the hole in your logic.

  8. and anyway (i really have to add this), the IVF doctors aren’t getting paid to give the embryos to stem cell research (read the bill). Why would a strictly donation-based handover spiral out of control into some massive embryo creation industry behind an IVF front, when IVF itself pays very very well?

    Seriously, this is actually the silliest, worst thought out argument i’ve ever heard against the bill. Congratulations, your argument is actually more stupid that bush’s.

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