Hovind: Making it up as he goes

Kent Hovind has entered a plea of “subornation of false muster”, which has lawyers and wordmongers alike scratching their heads. Remember that Hovind has a history of believing that man’s law does not apply to him, although it seems that he doesn’t think God’s law does either (has he even heard that one about Thou Shalt Not Steal?).

Hovind previously got very upset when they ordered him to hand over his passport, because he says “thousands and thousands” of South Africans are waiting to hear him speak. See, now i’m torn… I want him to rot in jail for all eternity, at the very least to keep him away from impressionable children. But at the same time I’d love for his case to be thrown out of court on the grounds of stupid, so he can come to SA. Then I can organize an expedition to pelt him with stones. It would be great.

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  1. I agree, I would have loved him to come here. WhereI’m at I am not able to make a dent in his soaring population ratings since everyone at potch university believes that God somehow pulled the sun out of Hovinds ass on the First Day.

    But a well thrown stone would still have made a lasting impression.

  2. popularity ratings that is, sorry moonflake

  3. hehe, for a second there i thought you were confusing him with one of those polygamy cultists…

  4. Hey Flake, drop me a line if you manage to organise the expedition. I was engaged in a debate with some of his followers in the letters column of the EP Herald some time back. I’d love a chance to heckle.

  5. Salman – according to Hovind’s site, he’s meant to be debating academics at UCT – only i don’t see any UCT visits on the mPower Ministries site. Nor do I see any mention that he won’t be making it. I’ve emailed them to ask when he’ll be at UCT… we’ll see if they admit that he might not. If he makes it, wild horses couldn’t keep me from going.

    I said in the email to the mPower contact that I was greatly looking forward to seeing Dr Hovind speak… it’s not a lie, just a half truth. I am looking forward to hearing him speak, and I’m looking forward to seeing him get his ass handed to him by the professors of my alma mater.

  6. found the UCT date – Aug 18. I’ve emailed the UCT contact to find out who Hovind will be debating… again, interested to see if he mentions anything in his reply about Hovind NOT coming

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