Midweek Cuckoo: Wiolawa

Since the Bad Astronomer posted about Wiolawa last week, i’ve been just itching to introduce her to my cuckoo collection.

Barbara Crouse-Brown aka Wio aka Wiola aka Wiolawa (depending on which forum she’s ranting on) would make David Icke proud. She is a member if the “lizard aliens disguised as humans are running our government in league with the nazis and illuminati and templars” brigade, usually characterized by people who dropped acid while masturbating to reruns of “V”. Her little spin on it is that somewhere along the line she learned to use Adobe Photoshop, and it has become her little helper in identifying the lizard men inside their fleshy suits, through a process she calls “variance analysis” and the rest of the world calls “messing around with those cool PShop filters”.

The Bad Astonomer sent her a photo of himself and asked what her method could tell her about him. These were her findings. Seems Phil is one “kreepy” “AS_tronomer”.

She also sees very interesting things in rock formations, but there must be something wrong with my eyes because they just look like piles of rocks to me. And sometimes she takes high definition images and zooms into them, filtering as she goes, until she discovers marvelous images of lizards riding mopeds in the rings of saturn. At least, i think that’s what she says they are, sometimes it’s a little difficult to understand what she’s on about.

Wiolawa’s name was given to her by an indian (feathers, not dots), and according to her it means ‘spirit song’. Or it could be moon song. Or it may have something to do with owls. Or walls. It’s all very confusing in Wiolaland, and trying to read her spittle-flecked rantings makes my eyes hurt. I think it’s got something to do with the utterly random capitalization, which even switches mid-word (and why is it that all crazy people seem to buy keyboards with faulty capslocks?).

Wiolawa likes to comment on posts about her, so i really hope she finds this one. She tends to make really interesting replies, like this:

find the comments interesting and idiotic.. taken out of context.. continually.. no appreciation of science, truth, human suffering. nasa lies.. jpl lies.. what the photos are actually showing or the processing used”variance analysis” etc.. ofcourse it is easier to disparage then to say perhaps..
such is the way on this planet EArth.. how many learn that the name EArth came from EA.. a genesis scientist.. is that taught in schools of geography on EArth? yet.. NO!!!

Now isn’t that lucid?

Wiolawa also seems to blame everything that goes wrong in her life on the lizards. Take this example from her bio:

all of us in his class had to present a paper on one of the planetary systems.. and discussion.. i chose the formation of moons and the sound and alignment of the moons of Saturn and exactly how they were placed and created..- the rest of the students loved the paper and presentation.. but MALIN gave me back my paper without a grade or even looking at me!@. that said exactly whose side he was on.. the LIZARDS!).

As usual though, the creepy side of kookdom rears its ugly head. The reptiles have not been kind to Wiolawa, and will do almost anything to stop her in her quest to expose them. In the last few years many people close to her have died: her husband, her niece, her nephew, the guy who taught her website construction (three gunshot wounds), and the guy who helped resurrect her website after it was shut down (driven off the road). The lizards told her they did it to slow her down. But I have my own theories. Read her website and tell me that you don’t think she’s just crazy enough to have a split personality that is offing people to reinforce her belief that there really is a conspiracy against her. Add to that her admission that she is rated as a sharpshooter, and that she teaches children… and you have one spine-chilling mixture.


Update: Now that I can actually upload images, see the wiolawized picture of me below. While far from flattering, i don’t think the technique has exposed any particularly reptilian features… do you?

Moonflake Lizard


6 Responses to “Midweek Cuckoo: Wiolawa”

  1. usually characterized by people who dropped acid while masturbating to reruns of “V”

    Wait. Theres soemthing wrong with that?

  2. Only if you’re not a member of the Reptile Elite.

  3. AS long as there are reptiles who control this planet and continually debunk the TRUTH.. there will be blogspots and dialogues as this.. REMEMBER kids.. LIGHT IS INFORMATION.. and filtering liight in a photograph is definiitley one of the HALL MARKS OF ASTRONOMY , PHYSICS. so TAKE SOME SCIENCE CLASSES>> PLEASE!

    ah ho WIO

  4. Hello Wiolawa, thank you for commenting. I have a Master’s Degree in Astrophysics, and lectured in the subject for two years. Please feel free to explain your theories here in full technical detail, including any equations you may wish to include, as I am more than familiar with both astronomy and physics.

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  6. Hi Barbara,

    It should be perfectly clear to you that some of these people are not ready for the advanced knowledge. The author of the article “Midweek Cuckoo: Wiolawa” obviously hasn’t done enough (if any) research to be in the know.

    We all live within a societal system where each level is dependent on the one above. Dependence is control. So, who is controlling us ? One look at the level of destruction in the world gives it away. The bible says Satan controls this world (II Cor 4:4) and it also says he is the DESTROYER.

    Obviously some humans still do not realize their minds have been conditioned by evil to produce the effect. The effect in this case is destruction.

    If you looked at the definition of POWER it specifically states that those who have it have the ability to produce an effect. This is accomplished by MANIPULATING those they GOVERN into producing the effect. Action/reaction, cause and effect.

    With that in mind, it is no wonder to me why your mind is focussed on the global elite.

    It is so sad to see so many still living in oblivion unaware that they are automatons living a fateful existence determined by that who have power.

    Determination can also be seen in the definition of the word Dependence.

    Roger S. Bullock

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