Crime Expo webmaster receives death threats

Capetonian insurance broker Neil Watson is so concerned about the level of crime in South Africa, and of the negative impact it will have on tourism if people come here for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and experience it at its current levels, that he’s started a website to tell the world what crime in SA is really like. He’s not doing it to sabotage the world cup, he’s doing it because he hopes the government sits up and takes notice, and does something about it before 2010. The last thing the tourism industry of this country needs is for some top ranking soccer player to be shot for his cellphone because he thought it would be a good idea to take a drive through Llanga one day before the finals.

Watson’s website publishes first hand accounts of crime, sent to him by tens of thousands of South Africans who are glad that someone is finally giving them a voice. He also publishes national and international crime statistics without the government’s sugar-coating, and publishes photographs showing just how inhumane these criminals can be to their victims. All he is doing is publishing the truth, and yet he’s getting death threats from supposed ‘patriots’, and the government is trying to chase him out of the country.

After less than a month of operation, Watson’s website has already been the target of numerous hackings, viruses and DOS attacks. He’s received emails and phonecalls from people who are threatening to murder him and rape his mother. What kind of a response is that? Someone is trying to highlight crime in the country, and you threaten to rape his mother? Are these people retarded? Did they let the crazies get hold of the phone at the local nuthouse?

Then, in a move reminiscent of Charles Nqakulu telling people who complain about crime to get out of the country, Simon Grindrod, of “opposition” party the Independant Democrats, has offered Watson a one-way ticket to an international destination of his choice. I put “opposition” in quotes as the ID have proven time and again that they are the puppets of the ruling party. Independant, my foot. This offer does not come from the ID, it comes from the ANC by way of the ID. Watson has stated he will take them up on the offer if they extend it to his entire family and cat, but he says he certainly won’t take down the website. What kind of a fascist regime do we live in that the government tries to get rid of anyone who speaks out against them? I thought this was a democracy, but apparently we’re living in Nazi Germany here.

Let me be very clear, because it seems that a lot of people do not understand this point: questioning the policies of your government is not unpatriotic nor undemocratic. In fact, the right to freedom of speech is one of the foundations that a truly democratic nation is built upon. What Neil Watson is doing is exercising his democratic right to point out to the entire world an issue that the South African government is desperate to downplay. Good for him. Those who oppose what he is doing are the ones who should leave the country. That some people would put the success of a sporting event above the safety of their fellow countrymen makes me sick to my stomach.

2 Responses to “Crime Expo webmaster receives death threats”

  1. Well said.
    Let’s shoot the messenger and not pay attention to the message.
    Crime is rampant and of a horrific nature in SA.
    Have you noticed that nobody is denying the crime statistics, except to point out that they are maybe underestimated.
    As if 50 murders a day is not scandalous in a country not at war…sic
    What will it take for South Africa to prioritise the safety of all its citizens?

  2. As long as people in denial still have the ‘you’re just saying that because you’re a racist and you want apartheid to come back’ argument up their sleeve, I don’t think anything is going to change. It has become almost treasonous in this country to point out anything negative that has happened since 1994. We can criticize the pre-1994 country as much as we like, but heaven forbid we even suggest that this might not be a utopia now.

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