When quacks learn to use Wikipedia…

…apparently they start to defend each other. The Millenium Project reports that William P. O’Neill of the altmed Canadian Cancer Research Group has been caught posting on the wikipedia entry of compatriot Timothy Bolen. Tim puts out a newletter entitled “Millions of Health Freedom Fighters”, but all i should have to tell you for you to get where he’s coming from, is that he’s the spokesman for not-a-medical-Dr. Hulda Clark. Tim will probably be featured as a Midweek Cuckoo one of these days, as will Mr. O’Neill.

So, what is it that O’Neill wrote that had Wikipedia administrators wiping the slate clean faster than you can say ‘banned from ever editing Wikipedia ever again’?

What are characterzied (sic) as critiques are truly efforts by paid lobbyists, rabble-rousers and criminals like Bowditch, Polevoy and Barrett. Each of these three “men” can boast having been convicted of crimes of libel, defamation, aggravated assault, and child molestation.

Naturally the above is a massive lie, and is itself libel and defamation. But these are people who do not shy away from taking the last pennies of the desperate and dying in exchange for fake cures; what makes you think they’ll give a damn about lying on Wikipedia?

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