Yet another study shows MMR doesn’t cause autism

Yet another comprehensive study has shown that the MMR vaccine does not cause autism. In a study that looked at 27,749 children over a 12 year period, of which 180 were diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorders, and of which over 90% were vaccinated (the actual figure changed from one year to the next depending on current trends), the conclusion was clear and simple: no link. In fact, the number of children being vaccinated has decreased while the number of children being diagnosed with autism has increased.

Yet the anti-vaccination liars continue to pooh-pooh the results, mostly settling for lying about what the paper says (don’t believe them, go read it for yourself), and making ad-hominem attacks against its authors. Dr. Eric Fombonne, for example:

Fombonne is a psychiatrist and that means not a real clinician nor scientist.  Psychiatry is in the most unsuccessful branch of medicine in history.

and also

Eric Fombonne is not qualified to be engaged in this kind of work.

Dr. Fombonne is a psychiatrist (and what exactly is wrong with that?). He specialises in child psychology, particularly in developmental abnormalities, and is one of the world’s foremost experts on autism. He is a Professor of Psychiatry at McGill University, directs the Department of Psychiatry at Montreal Children’s Hospital, and serves as the Canada Research Chair in Child Psychiatry. To be honest, i can’t think of anyone else who would be more qualified to conduct a study on autism, but that’s all you can expect from these people: lies, lies and more lies.


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  1. My biggest problem with the anti-vaccination crowd is they won’t face up to the alternative. Even if their fears about autism were completely true, it’s infinitely prefereable to outbreaks of polio, whooping cough etc.

  2. Just as well they don’t have a statistician on their team.

  3. Mr Angry: we’re talking about people who think polio isn’t that bad. I’m sure there are some children in iron lungs who would have something different to say, if they could talk.

    kyknoord: lies, damn lies and statistics, huh?

  4. While I’m not totally against vaccines I do believe they are not currently safe. Can they be made totally safe? That is with no side effects for all. If not feasable then provide informed consent warning of the dangers and provide compensation to those who are afflicted with adverse reactions whatever they may be. Our children should not be considered collateral damage by big Pharma and protected by government corruption.

  5. perhaps parents who choose not to vaccinate their children despite the fact that it IS safe should sign informed consent forms that specify that their children will be removed from their custody if they should get polio, measles, mumps, rubella, or all of those other things that are undoubtedly far more harmful than any of the minor side effects of any vaccines.

    Seriously, stop listening to the woo brigade and do some research for yourself.

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