Hovind Still Definitely Not Coming to SA

So I signed up for the mPower Ministries newsletter. Apparently Kent Hovind’s appeal to be allowed to come to SA prior to his trial has been turned down. I was actually looking forward to attending the debate he was scheduled to have at the University of Cape Town, against some as-yet-unnamed member of the faculty. I have every confidence that the staff of my alma mater could kick his lying ass.

According to the mPower site:

For a number of reasons that are entirely outside of our control and in spite of every effort on the part of CSE and indeed, all our own appeals to the various authorities in the USA to permit Dr. Hovind to meet his obligations to South Africa during August, have regrettably failed!  However, this does not mean that these events have been cancelled, only that it has been delayed until some future date when Dr. Hovind will be permitted to travel to South Africa.

Yeah, like in 5 to 10.

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