Time flies like the wind; fruit flies like bananas

You have got to go watch this video over at grrlscientist, where some guy tries to use the domestic banana’s shape and ease of eating as proof of intelligent design. There is so much wrong with his logic, like the very simple fact that the banana he’s holding in his hand is a product of man. The wild banana is inedible for humans! Also, I’d be interested in what he has to say about other fruit like coconuts and mangoes. Test runs? Discarded prototypes? Or the work of satan?

Naturally, those of us whose minds travel in the same gutter will find some of his comments to be hilarious for other reasons.

“The banana and the hand are perfectly made, one for the other”

“when you pull the tab the contents don’t squirt in your face”

“it has a point at the top for ease of entry and just the right shape for the human mouth…it’s even curved toward the face to make the whole process even easier.”

And then there are the other, unspeakable uses for a banana, which only goes to show that God approves of sexual deviants after all.

6 Responses to “Time flies like the wind; fruit flies like bananas”

  1. The pineapple is a work of Satan, definitely.

  2. Kirk Cameron is a genius I tell you.

  3. Cameron once said: “There’s no God. You can’t prove that there’s a God. Absolutely not. You guys are performing your own lobotomy in order to believe this kind of stuff.”

    Pity he didn’t listen to his own advice.

  4. i’m watching the half hour thing –
    “does this mean that the jet evolved from the bi-plane?”


    and those idiots interviewed brought back those feelings i have while watching the wonder years – i can’t look because i’m so embarrassed for them.

  5. in re to his question about transitional forms of animals:
    The duck billed platypus…
    Oh, wait… the mule, which can have sex with a horse, and out comes an ass
    like yourself… ass…

  6. TW: i can’t bring myself to watch any more than that snippet – i think it might melt my brain.

    Leroy: same tired old creationist arguments, onl thing that makes this pair of crazies differently crazy is the ‘atheists’ nightmare’. I wonder, if God made the banana with as much care as he did us, did he also make it in his own image? Is it, in fact, God’s banana?

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