Day 1: spent walking from one office to another across midtown manhattan

My blisters have blisters.

I didn’t have the energy, nor the skin on my feet, to go out and find somewhere to eat once I got back to the hotel, so I ordered room service. I have just discovered the glory that is the Cobb Salad. It is divine. If I eat this for supper every day this week, I will not be upset.

Speaking of room service, I discovered watching tv this morning that in the states there are companies that will help you lose weight by delivering three calorie-controlled meals a day right to you. That is unbelievably cool. Such a large part of the difficulty in sticking to a diet is the bit where you realise you can only think of three things to make that don’t have fat and you’re sick of eating the same three meals every day. Or you get home after a long day at work and you do not have the energy to shred a damn lettuce or chop a freaking onion. If someone could just do all that crap for you… fantastic. The lazy person’s way to eat well. I love it.

This hotel, by the way, is crappucino. Yes, that’s crap with a starbucks. You only get a teeny number of tv channels, occasionally the channel changes back to the hotel promo channel on its own, the ‘high speed broadband’ internet seems to be neither broad nor speedy, it gives me shit every time i try to access our intranet to get some work done, and the network cable is too short to let me put the laptop on my lap in bed. As far as I’m concerned, those are the important things. Oh and they charge you for the internet per day. Suck.

And I still can’t log on to the intranet! Gorram it.

4 Responses to “Day 1: spent walking from one office to another across midtown manhattan”

  1. Limited cable – that sux! Guess there’s no Robyn Byrd for u then! 🙂

    I often found that the broadest band intertron connection I received was someone else’s unsecured wireless. Guess there’s merit in the saying “It’s always better when it’s free.”

  2. noooooo, Cr41g, free=poo! stolen, on the other hand, doesn’t necessarily count as free…

  3. stolen? is it becoz i iz bluck? 🙂

    free=poo, damn straight!

  4. remember, it isn’t free if someone paid for it. so, if someone else paid for it, it isn’t free therefore not poo!

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