Day 2: spent battling record heat

Today the temperature in NYC reached 100 fahrenheit (nearly 38 celcius) but with the humidity it apparently felt as hot as 110 (43). Coming from a city that gets hot but not humid, the humidity is killing me. The reason it feels so much worse is because when the humidity is high, evaporation of sweat from the skin is compromised (the rate at which a liquid will evaporate into the air is affected by the saturation of the air). Believe me, it’s like a sauna out there.

I hear that Cr41g managed to catch the coldest week in years when he was here last, and I’m now catching the hotest week in years. So on average, we’ve experienced perfectly temperate weather.

I very nearly bought some beef jerky today, just to see whether it was anything as good as biltong, but when i saw the price ($9) i decided the investigation was under-funded. But my curiosity may overwhelm my stinginess in time.

All the news is talking about right now is Mel Gibson. For those out of the loop, he was arrested recently on a DUI charge, and apparently was very, um, vocal during his arrest. There have been accusations of anti-semitic remarks. It’s not surprising, given that his father, Hutton Gibson, is an outspoken anti-semite and holocaust denier. They both belong to a breakaway sect of the catholic church known as the Catholic Traditionalist Movement, although Gibson Sr. is further out on the fringe as a Sedevacantist. Apart from believing that there were no Nazi death camps, Hutton’s also a 911 conspiracy theorist, and believes the Vatican has been taken over by Jews and Freemasons on behalf of Satan. Mel also has some strong religious beliefs, supporting the death penalty but calling the unplugging of Terry Schiavo’s life support ‘state sanctioned murder’ (actually i suppose that type of hypocrisy is par for the course). With the earnings from the Passion of the Christ, Gibson constructed a Tradionalist Catholic church on the grounds of his California home. Weird. So I’m not in the least surprised to find he’s a fall down drunk who hates Jews.

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  1. I’d much rather have 38 degrees in the shade than -6 degrees in the sun – which suprisingly enuff does _nothing_ but give light. At least you won’t get frostbite walking to work. 🙂

  2. just a quick side whatsit:
    the governator supports stem cell research.
    i saw a little clip on tv the other day about it.
    he was making some statement about keeping calafornia at the forefront of research etc.
    arnie rocks 🙂

    just thought you’d like to know

  3. At least you weren’t driving in a massive thunderstorm, returning to a darken house with only Coast2Coast AM to entire through the muggy darkness.


  4. And speaking of weather, what the hell is with these freezing tempretures and pourin rain and howling winds?! This is the Eastern Cape for stuffs sake!

    Half of Port Elizabeth is shut down because of flooding. Joy! How come the schools never closed when I was at aschool I ask you…

    In a bit of a sour mood, the kitchen window blew off it’s hinges in the storm this morning, can’t wait to get home to see f it’s still there.

    Blerrie Hell….

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