Day 3: spent working and trying not to melt

It’s still hotter than a sinner’s ass in hell here.

I got myself into a very long meeting just before i left the office (meeting started at 4pm, left the office at 8pm) and didn’t have anything to drink all meeting. Then I started walking back to the hotel. It is the first time I have ever experienced actual disorientation due to heat exhaustion. I got completely lost. You have to understand, my sense of direction is usual male in its proportions and accuracy, and New York is a freaking grid pattern. I have never had any problem knowing which way to go in this city. But today, things were different. I honestly went past Rockefeller Plaza three times. At some point I walked into a Barnes & Nobles just to get out of the heat for a moment. I walked out a half hour later with three books. Go figure.

By the time i finally got back to the hotel, I was dripping with sweat and nearly delirious. A very cold shower and half a litre of gatorade in one long, looooong gulp sorted me out, but it’s not an experience I’m keen to repeat.

So I’m eating fresh fruit and banana bread, watching Nightmares and Dreamscapes: the Stories of Stephen King, and working on a Midweek Cuckoo. Speaking of which, I will be back forthwith… 

4 Responses to “Day 3: spent working and trying not to melt”

  1. the heat is just a marketing ploy.
    its that hot to make you go into shops and buy things.
    its like the heat in shopping centers here making you thirsty and in need of buying a drink only on a much larger scale.
    are you sure you aren’t in texas?
    (they say everything is bigger in texas)

  2. i think texas may be preferable, at least it’s a dry heat. Apparently this is more like Miami. Hot, humid, stiffling.

  3. and in israel, which is seriously humid and really hot (think desert power), i make a habit of “forgetting” to drink water. i prefer my life when everything’s fuzzy and i don’t know where i am…

  4. lol, and now i know what that feels like…

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