Day 4: spent eating

Today i had a business lunch in which i discovered Chicken Parmesan, and a business dinner in which i had some unbelievable sushi. The client i’m here to train is japanese american, and he took me and one of the other people on the project to a family friend’s restaurant. Amazing. Just amazing.

I may be going to Fort Lauderdale for two weeks by the end of the month. I’m a little freaked out, to be honest. The boss is trusting me with brand new clients. Considering that less than two years ago i was employed as the lowest kind of software tester, and now I’m becoming some sort of high powered business analyst… it’s freaky. Sometimes i feel like i just want to stay at home and not take any responsibility for anything… and then i remember that i get paid. And i like getting paid. And it’s kinda fun, although i now have to juggle travelling and personal commitments.

SchpatCon HexSpeaking of personal commitments, Schpat’s seventh annual gaming extravaganza, SchpatCON 7: Deadly Sins, is coming up soon. To all the roleplayers in Cape Town (and even some of you who aren’t roleplayers), start keeping an eye out for news. There’ll be table top gaming, a LARP, a poker tournament, and more. It’ll be taking place during the long weekend in September, somewhere on UCT campus. I’m writing another All Flesh Must Be Eaten module (seems i’ve found my niche with light hearted zombie horror) and co-writing a Doom Town LARP. So if you’re curious to see what I look like dressed as a Wild West saloon madam, mosie on over. I’ll be posting updates and details as I get them. I’m working on the art for this year’s posters and shirts, so here’s last year’s pic for a taste.

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  1. schpatcon:
    i’m working on a shirow inspired, futuristic adventure involving special cybercrimes & anti-terror units, high powered poloticians, and lovedolls!

    come one, come all…

  2. there’s nothing wrong with a little cash, and nothing wrong with a little responsibility 😉 it’s when the two don’t increase proportionately that’s it’s not worth it 😛

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