Back, but not for long

Normal service has resumed, after travelling and taking a couple of days off once I got home. I’m back in the office, but not for long – in less than 2 weeks I fly out to Florida for another businessy trip (luckily not via Heathrow). Blegh. I’m very disappointed because the scheduling means I’ll miss the annual CLAWs roleplaying con, DragonFire. And our team flew out a member especially. Dilbert says all there is to say about this.Dilbert

On a local note, while i was experiencing record weather in NYC, South Africa was experiencing some severe weather of its own. Some pics, courtesy of Bast who was in the thick of it.

Schpat also has something to say about yet another of our ministers trying to point attention away from the real issues. Nothing new, really.

There’s probably not going to be a Midweek Cuckoo this week, given that Wednesday past me by without an internet connection, and that I have a lot to do before i leave (again) for the states. Hopefully I’ll find someone really astounding for next week to make up for it.

Lastly, the church group that were bringing Kent Hovind out to SA have finally said that you can get a refund for the tickets already purchased, now that it’s obvious God isn’t going to spring for a miracle to get him out of his current pickle. Not without at least one lame attempt to cash in, though; from their newsletter:

unless you have decided to donate your ticket towards the advancement of the creationist cause in South Africa, you will be able to claim a refund of your ticket

i.e. if you’re a real Christian, you won’t ask for a refund. Nice.


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  1. Welcome back. I was really hoping for a post on DVT, but I presume that will have to keep for now.

  2. Thanks, it’s good to be back, be it ever so brief. Believe me, if DVT had been an issue, you would have heard all about it.

    Although my one foot did go suspiciously numb at one point….

  3. Damn you’re a hell of a jet setter! Make sure to drop me a line if work ever brings you to Melbourne.

  4. Unfortunately we don’t have clients in the antipodes. But I’ll definitely drop you a line if i’m ever in Oz 🙂

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