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Maddox gives the 9/11 conspiramentary “Loose Change” the treatment it deserves – utter ridicule. From his post:

“Loose Change” elevates bullshit to an artform. Watching this video is like being bukakked with stupid.

The misspelling of bukkake is countered by his genius in using it as a verb. This is what makes Maddox so endearing.

The Onion satirizes Plan B objections. If you think they’re being overly farcicial, you should take a look at some of the actual objections that have been voiced and then think again.

A new survey looked at 34 countries worldwide and ordered them by the percentage of people who accept evolution. Iceland came out tops. Turkey was last. USA placed 33rd. That’s second last, in case you can’t count. The study attributed the low ranking of the US to a high percentage of religious individuals and the politicization of the issue. What was the Discovery Institute’s take on it?

the growing doubts about Darwinism undoubtedly reflect growing doubts among scientists about Darwinian theory. Over 640 have now signed a public dissent and the number keeps growing

Ooooh, 640 scientists who are not biologists or even vaguely involved in evolutionary studies in any way have signed your stupid, ambiguously worded statement about the need to further study evolution! Spare me. Project Steve alone has over 750 scientists who support evolution. The catch? Project Steve only includes signees whose name is Steve (or some version thereof), representing about 1% of the scientific community. Yes, they are being deliberately satirical.

Looks like even other creationists think Kent Hovind is an idiot, via Rev. BigDumbChimp.

Lastly, if you need a bit of a laugh, go check out this video post, via SkepChick. Oooh, “John Edwards knows about this”, it must have happened…


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  1. This might be one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while.

    “Loose Change” elevates bullshit to an artform. Watching this video is like being bukakked with stupid.

  2. Maddox is a god among men.

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