Pi in the sky

Good Math Bad Math has discovered yet another example of biblically inspired idiocy:

You are talking about the value of Pi. That is actually 3 not 3.14……. The digits after the decimal forms a geometric series and it will converge to the value zero. So, 3.14…..=3.00=3. Nobody still calculated the precise value of Pi. In future they will and apply advenced Mathematics to prove the value of Pi=3.

This was in response to a question about why in 1 Kings 7:23 the Bible gives measurements that correspond to a value of Pi=3. Please wipe the coffee off your keyboard before it gets sticky.

Never mind that this explanation shows a misunderstanding of maths that is jaw-dropping in its proportions – there are apparently worse explanations made by apologists for this particular biblical error. One of them claims that the curvature of the universe was non-Euclidian at the time, yeilding a different value of Pi to the present day. That’s rather interesting, considering that mathematicians knew way before the writing of 1 Kings (some time in the 6th century BC) that the value of pi was greater than 3. In fact, the Babylonians knew as early as the 19th century BC that Pi was approximately 25/8. The curvature of the universe must have been doing some damn funny things in the intervening years for it to have changed so drastically, first one way and then back again.

Alternately, the people who wrote the bible were ignorant zealots, only interested in furthering their religious and cultural viewpoints by any means necessary including fabrication. But that’s just my opinion. Radical redefinition of the laws of physics seems so much more plausible.


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  1. I agree. Way more plausible. BTW is there any way we can change the curvature of the universe back again? It will save me a fortune in calculator batteries.

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