Manto embarrasses the country yet again

Our dear health minister, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, has yet again made south africa the laughing stock of an international aids conference. She and her cronies set up a stall at the Toronto conference, proudly displaying garlic, lemons, african potatoes, ginger and beetroot as part of the ‘khomanani’ government policy on AIDS prevention and treatment in south africa. Not so much as a single bottle of ARVs was to be seen, until pointed questions from journalists eventually led to a couple of bottles being added to the stand.

She also tried to defend the government’s stance on the use of african traditional medicine:

We have a constitution which says people have choices to make. If people choose to use traditional medicine … why not give them those choices?

Why not? Because it doesn’t work! You may as well say that people have a constitutional right to commit suicide, and other people shouldn’t try to stop them because it’s their choice. And even worse than advocating a treatment that does nothing, she is actually advocating a treatment that does harm – there is evidence from studies conducted at the University of Stellenbosch that the african potato causes severe bone marrow suppression in HIV patients!

Leave it to the tireless Treatment Action Campaign to give her display the respect it deserves – they demonstrated in front of the stand, attempted to confiscate the displayed items, and caused a generally disruptive commotion. Good for them.

By the way, for any non-south africans reading this, the package in the picture (in the business day article linked to above) marked ‘ProNutro’ is not some medical or nutritional product developed for HIV sufferers, it’s a god damn cereal. A cereal. I used to eat it every day before going to school. I like it with hot milk so that it’s more like a porridge but some people prefer it with cold milk. It comes in regular, banana, chocolate and strawberry. It’s not a treatment for HIV! It’s about as nutritious as coco pops!



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  1. True, but you can’t use Coco Pops to fill cracks in the plaster.

  2. that’s simply not true! pronutro is EXCELLENT for puppies. i raised two young pit bulls on it, and i swear by it as “better than coco pops”!

  3. ah yes, it is true that ProNutro has uses other than as a cereal – left to dry out it sets like cement. If you leave your bowl in the sink without rinsing, you end up needing a hammer and chisel to clean it.

  4. Don’t have you email address, Moon, and I’m too lazy to do any debunking myself. Plus, you have taken on the role officially, so here:

    “Breaks the laws of conservation of energy” and “clean, renewable energy”

  5. So would it be accurate to say that Manto is a cereal killer?

    A ha. A ha ha ha.

    Sorry. I’ll never come back again. Promise.

    Still, I’m shocked KN didn’t pounce on that before me.

  6. this effing useless piece of crap excuse for an excuse of a politician should be slowly maimed and killed and her corpse hung out for a public mockery.

    Speaking of which, i know a few guys…say the word! 😉

  7. now now. pro nutro is slightly more nutritious than coco pops, or is it that it is more filling and makes you feel nauseous.

    it seems you aren’t the only one interested in killing people over the internet:

  8. Keep fighting the good fight!

  9. Andy: hmm, looks like a midweek cuckoo for another day. ‘over 100% efficient’ my ass

    forgottenmachine: no really, do come back again, we appreciate a good recycling of an old pun 🙂

    cr41g: yeah, i know you know a few guys, that’s what worries me about you…

    dystopia: they sneak a lot of vitamins and minerals into coco-pops, it’s more nutritious than you expect. I kinda resent it, i like my sugary foods to be health-free

    Duncan: dude! long time no ‘rapage’! Good to see you’re still alive 😉

  10. That was a good laugh – about the ProNutro that is. The other is just very sad.
    I just heard that u r in the US.

  11. I am indeed in the US – Boca Raton, FL to be exact. It’s a work thing.

  12. hey, wait a minute, that IP address is in belgium… is this the Jacqui I think it is???

  13. It is indeed. You sound like you are keeping busy. All here say hi.

  14. wow! hugs and kisses to everyone 🙂

    Yeah, i’m pretty busy, it’s my first big client solo. Scary, but going well. We may get hit by Hurricane Ernesto this week, too, so all in all an eventful trip!

  15. Great, I’m glad you are doing so well. I see that you will be arriving at home today. We are of course jealous!!

    I’m glad you missed the Hurricane, that ‘s not fun to be caught up in. Katrina and Rita was terrible and is still costing the industry lots of money.

    Bye for now. All our love.

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