Welcome to Miami

Well, Boca Raton to be exact, but I was briefly in Miami. And Washington. And Dakar. And Johannesburg. Let’s just say that when you’re trying to avoid Heathrow on short notice, and everyone else on the planet is trying to do the same, the route from Cape Town to Miami is a little… roundabout. The only up side of the 33ish hours of travelling was that i was doing it with the boss. So, on one hand there was company, and on the other, he’s a platinum Voyager member which means Business and First Class lounges all the way, even with a Cattle Class ticket. Lucky for him, he got upgraded to Business Class on the really long flight. Even though he was very willing to use his miles to upgrade me too, they said my ticket wasn’t upgradable. Strange how it sounded more like he was saying I had leprosy, but that’s okay. I’m now a Voyager member too… and I earn an upgrade every 2.2 trips to New York. Provided I fly SAA. God damn, it had better be worth it, although after this trip I suspect it is.

Let me tell you right now, it makes an enormous difference on a 5 hour layover, when you can spend it in a comfortable armchair with free snacks and drinks, as opposed to wedged over two plastic chairs with your hand luggage as a pillow. The lounges are where it’s at. Plus, you can stock up on snacks for the flight. I know it sounds totally lower class to take snacks from the business lounge, but the boss started it.

Anyway, here I am back in the land of pointless cautionary notices (‘Don’t stop car across train tracks’), toilet stalls that offer only the barest nod to modesty (whole ‘nother post), funny plugs, silly measurements, wonky monetary denominations and Starbucks. I’m staying at the Boca Raton Marriott, which is actually the nicest hotel I’ve stayed at so far. Big, big, BIG bonus over new york hotels – there’s a pool and a Jacuzzi. I think I like Florida so far.

The first couple of days have been a little hectic, what with the boss only spending a day and a half here before jetting off again to other clients, so we’ve had minimal time to get maximum use out of him. In addition, i’ve had some issues connecting, what with not finding exactly the right unsecured wireless signal to piggyback on. It took moving to a room on the other side of the hotel, but i’m now online thanks to a restaurant in the adjacent mall. Go, unsecured wireless networks! I’m saving $9.99 a day, a saving that i pass on to the clients by not expensing it.

I have a bunch of stuff to do in my off time, which currently is about an hour a day, what with all the ‘getting to know the team’ dinners after work. This includes other actual work that’s not related to these specific clients, writing my module for SchpatCon, finishing up the image for the SchpatCon shirts, browsing and blogging, and watching a lot of TV. I like the bit where i watch TV. Especially because it involves being in bed.

And speaking of actual work that’s not related to these clients, now that i can connect outside of the client’s office, i’d better get started on that…

7 Responses to “Welcome to Miami”

  1. what are you doing in the US?

    anyway, my current plan is to see ZA in Feb next year, only this time I’ll actually be there.

  2. Synkronos Says:

    It’s work sending her off to the US again again, duncs =) Lucky moonflake =P

  3. i still maintain that the first-class lounge for british airways in heathrow made a full day’s delay totally worth it ^_^

  4. yay! i’m no longer classified as spam! w00t!

  5. Duncs: what synk said. Also, yay on the visiting of ZA. Have you got a blog or something where we can stalk you? If so, link please 🙂

    Synk: ta

    TW: indeed, you are no longer spam. Seems Akismet does learn.

  6. no, no blog. Sorry! Some people creep me out too much for me to leave even MORE info for them to read on the net.

  7. What a valid post. I enjoy reading the posts on this site and will be sure to return on a regular basis.

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