my saturday: boats and phish

After some sporadic internet connection (read inability to connect to illicit wireless) i’m back for a moment, so i’d better get all the weekend action in. Yesterday I took a walk down to the mall across the road, which i discovered at 9am only opens at 10am. What is wrong with people here? It’s like they’re all retired or something…

Anyway, I was looking for Battlestar Gallactica for holeycrusader, but the only dvd shop in the mall didn’t have it… hard luck. I don’t think I’ll have a chance to go looking around much more than that, I don’t actually have any transport of my own as I’m carpooling with the consultant. Sorry, hc.

Then I hustled back to the hotel to get ready to go out on the big boss’s 60ft SeaRay powerboat. It’s a timeshare, so that downplays the seeming wealth, although i suspect it’s balanced by him having three cars, one of which is a Hummer. Suffice to say, we had a nice day cruising up and down the intercoastal, and I got a tad sunburned… not so bad that it hurts, just a bit red. Guess that’s what i get for coming here straight out of winter.

In other news, i received an email from PayPal telling me I need to update my account information. Two things tipped me off to the fact that there was something phishy about this email:one, the email subject reads ‘Security Center – Account Informations !!!’, and two, i don’t have a PayPal account. Other than that, the email itself looked reasonably authentic, including a couple of links that look like they’re legit links… only they’re not. Things of the form http://999412483/icons/small/paypal/, which takes you to a page that looks exactly like I think people might actually fall for this one if they have an account and aren’t technical. To me, aside from the fact that I don’t have an account, the subject line is suspicious, the form of the urls is suspicious, and there’s a random ‘&nbsp’ floating in the email body. This points to either phishers, or paypal’s tech team being replaced by monkeys.

And lastly, I have created a ThurTeem blog, where hopefully the teem can start posting RPG related stuffs, given the confluence of roleplaying events at this time of year.

4 Responses to “my saturday: boats and phish”

  1. HoleyCrusader Says:

    Haha! I recieved the Pay-Pal email myself… I wish I could say that I was savvy enough to notice the phishing scam, but did not. I was however too apathetic to do anything about it – yay laziness!

    And what’s this about no BSG2… I thought you were supposedly in a 1st world country?!


    PS. Thanks for trying 😉

  2. turns out it hasn’t been released yet. I checked at a bigger store and they have 2.0 but 2.5 and the box set aren’t out yet, even in the states.

  3. Mike from Miami Says:

    The reason the malls open around 10 here, is that most people that work there spent friday night living “la vida loca” until 5 AM 🙂

  4. what? the working class isn’t allowed to have fun! what blasphemy is this?

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