I think someone is taking the piss

There’s a woman called Dr. Orzack who apparently specializes in the psychology, treatment and cure of Computer Addiction. I think the entire site must be a spoof, and it’s not just because of the corny signs that you might be addicted to computers. Look at this picture of the good doctor:

Dr Orzack

I put forward the motion that this is not a psychologist, nor is she even a woman. In fact, someone is taking the piss. Who? Look below the fold if you think you know.

Yes, it’s Stephen Hawking in drag! 

Dr Hawking

Not only is Dr. Hawking obviously masquerading as a woman, he’s been lying all this time about having ALS! He’s very clearly standing in the first picture.

I’ve lost all respect for him.


8 Responses to “I think someone is taking the piss”

  1. Separated at birth, maybe?

  2. ohmigod this is so much worse than our dexterity ratings: 20 – 60; 60 = small indian child carpet knotter, 20 = stephen hawking

  3. Dr Orzack looks a lot like one of the women who worked in the dairy (yes, it was its own shop) in the small Middle Eastern* town where I grew up. Her name was Miss Horne.

    Funny, isn’t it, how the same designs keep popping up. Anyone seen This Island Earth?


  4. it’s like the new BattleStar Galactica…. my god! Stephen Hawking/ Dr. Orzack is a Cylon!!!

  5. OMG!!! I watched This Island Earth, MST3K style, just the other day! Funny shit =P

  6. Wow, who ever wrote this is odviously in denial qbout adictions to World of Warcraft. You can’t even prove her wrong, all you say is she looks like a man.

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