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There’s a reason that my tagline warns ‘comments may contain nuts’, but never before has it been so appropriate that i felt the need to elevate a nut to the status of Midweek Cuckoo. But sometimes a commenter comes along who is so flabbergasting in his ramblings that you just know there is no point in reasoning with them. That leaves only ridicule.

Such a comment appeared on a post i made earlier this week, by a visitor calling himself “lincoln”. A little internet stalking revealed that lincoln is Michael Geiger. He makes a living selling stuff on e-Bay and is a member of the San Diego chapter of Health Education Aids Liaison (HEAL), an AIDS denialist group masquerading as an AIDS support group. Michael has popped up in the comments of other reality-based blogs and been argued with by much smarter people than me, including those actually involved in the field of study, so i’m not even going to bother wasting any more energy on this guy than necessary. It’s obvious to me that he is not going to be shifted from his dogma by facts or reality, so instead i will simply copy his comment in all its delusional glory below the fold, for all to marvel at. See if you can count the number of myths, lies, logical fallacies and verbatim repetitions of urban legends… i’ve run out of fingers.

lincoln said: 

Hello all in South Africa.

I must write to share my concerns over the HIV/AIDS situation there, as well as share with you the perspective from here in the US.

Very few have taken the time to educated themselves on the issues regarding HIV and its causality to AIDS. You are very fortunate indeed to have people leading your country such as the Hon. Manto Tshabalala Msimang, and President Mbeki. These two are the ONLY government leaders on the ENTIRE planet to have fully investigated the issue. Their opinions are based on an intensive research of the very science behind the issue.

Here in the United States, we now have more than 300,000 gay men, this is six times the number who died in Vietnam, whose lives were taken due to the medication AZT. It is still being given. Another book is very recently published. It is written by a former state senator, Stephen Davis. It exposes the debacle of the AZT deaths that were wrought on these 300,000 plus unsuspecting people.

Your president and your health minister are no fools. They are quite aware of the suppression, very much like the apartheid that your country suffered, that has gone on in science and medicine in the western world. They are very aware of the coruption on modern medical science by those whose limited vision seeks to profit or gain in other ways from suppressing information and promoting only their own.

To put it simply and bluntly, so all will understand how important the need to educate yourselves on the history and suppressed side of HIV/AIDS science, have you ever wondered just why it is that HIV and the HIV tests are only going off on the least accepted human beings on this planet of Gay men and Black Heterosexuals. In particular, the poorest of the blacks that suffer from poor hygiene, poor nutrition, bleek and highly stressed lives?

If the west had been fortunate enough to have such as Manto and Mbeki at the helm, there would have been no false declaration of HIV as being behind AIDS, that was given on the White house steps of the most Homophobic president, with no scientific proof of the statement being offered.

America is just beginning to wake up from this debacle. 530 Directors and Lead scientists at our National Institute of Health were caught last year taking cash and stocks from the pharma companies. The worst offences took place in the office of AIDS, with even the former Director of Clinical Aids trials, Dr. Paul William, being caught taking $930,000 dollars from pharma in two years! Just google search the words:David Willman LA Times NIH.

Some interesting American Blog sites featuring some of the scientists and some of the people that are exposing the truth on these issues is:


Again, your country is quite fortunate, and I encourage all of SA to become as informed as possible of the truths of this now worldwide debacle, where the true causes of disease and illness have been ignored in favor of those that are profitable to global corporations.

This does not mean that medications should be withheld to those that believe in them, as the power of belief itself is one of the most potent factors in ones health. However, 80% of what is being called “HIV/AIDS” in your country, is Tuberculosis, which the HIV drugs will not help in any way at all, except to further eventually undermine the health of those taking them. All of these drugs are EXTREMELY TOXIC. None cure anything nor do they even claim to.

Please do not believe me or anyone else as to whether HIV is the cause of AIDS, but it is crucial that you yourselves fully investigate and get informed before big pharma corporations bleed your country dry when the funds could be much better put to use in supplying the means for the poor masses to escape the hopelessness of their situations which contributes in a very large way to illness and disease.

lincoln Says:

August 28th, 2006 at 9:30 pm
I also note that many people are under the spell of believing the pharma company and TAC claims that “ARV’s extend the lives of HIV positives”. Nowhere is this proven. In fact, the opposite quite seems to be the fact. American AIDS researcher, Dr. Amy Justice, sought to find out in America, what the leading cause of death of HIV Positive Americans was. AIDS is listed as being 30 diseases, and her effort was to find which of these 30 was at the top of the list. What she found instead, after investigating 5700 HIV American deaths, was that LIVER FAILURE was at the top of the list and directly related to those taking ARV therapies. She produced her report at the 2002 AIDS conference, where it was quickly and quietly swept under the rug! Perhaps South Africa needs to experience this for itself in order to learn the lessons and the realities that the United States is just now, slowly, beginning to face. And facing it here, will be difficult as well, as most would prefer to live in denial, than face the facts of what has transpired.

lincoln Says:

August 28th, 2006 at 9:31 pm
Harvey S. Bialy, member of South Africa’s Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel, had posted the following remarks on the New AIDS Review site just yesterday:


Dr. Harvey S. Bialy:
A few words of truth concerning the very Hon. Manto Tshabalala-Mismang.

When I first was introduced to the Minister at the opening reception of President Mbeki’s AIDS Advisory Panel in 2000, the ice in her eyes and the frost in her handshake made me think the tip of the Motherland had broken off and was closing on the antarctic.

By the end of the Panel meetings a few weeks later, we were dancing Pata Pata into the wee hours.

She is one of the most ferociously intelligent people I have ever met, and certainly is unique in the public courage she displayed, and has maintained despite the vicious and untrue attacks from many quarters, in turning 180 degrees because she actually attended to all that those remarkable meetings had to offer.

She is my favorite person in South Africa.

Dr. Harvey S. Bialy:
And Barack Obama can go bugger himself, and preferably in front of the TV cameras too.

lincoln Says:

August 28th, 2006 at 9:31 pm
many others are simply uninformed and uneducated on the already existing studies of AZT and Nevirapine that have already been done. I would not even doubt that he is paid by TAC to promote toxic medications as the way to deal with HIV or what is called AIDS. He is obviously not aware of the massive Concorde study that was done in 1993 that showed those without AZT did better than those given it. As a matter of fact, he is simply uneducated on the entire issue at hand.

No one, and I repeat NO-ONE has EVER lost anyone to AIDS. The reason is because AIDS is NOT a disease. It is a CATEGORY! This category includes all of the diseases that even HIV NEGATIVE people get quite often. People die of very specific diseases. Anytime the body is run down by any of many factors, it is suscepticble to any one or many of these specific pathogens.

If ones body is abused by stress, fear, malnutrition, drug use, antibiotics overuse, or repeated infection by common STD pathogens followed by repeated use of antibiotics, and even many chemical toxins such as illicit drug use, artificial sweeteners, and many, many other contributing factors, then and only then is the body susceptible to being overpowered by common illnesses, that are now all LUMPED together, and called AIDS!

The HIV tests are proven and the proof is backed up in many scientific journals, that the tests go off for 67 factors, and many of them common such as flu, flu vaccination, herpes, hepatitis, hepatitis vaccination, tuberculosis (which accounts of 80% of SA Aids cases, by the way) pregnancy, pregnancy of women whom had more than one child, and even receptive ANAL SEX, and on and on, are all PROVEN to cause the very bogus HIV tests to show false positive. Furthermore, the Rapid HIV test, that is most exclusively used in SA, was banned from use in several clinics in the US, in New York, LA, and San Francisco. In SF, the test was giving 25% proven false positive results, and the other unproven results were highly questionable. In the US, there are 6 different federal standards for reading the 2nd, Western Blot, test, and the US standard is totally different than the African standard. In the US, several bands of protein are required to light up (even though they all disagree on which bands are actually HIV), and in Africa, only 2 bands are needed. Not only that, but gays and blacks and drug users are put in one (High Risk) category, which is read completely different from white heterosexuals. If a gay or black, and a white hetero have the same bands light up, the gay is told he is HIV positive, and the hetero is told it is a false positive! THIS IS RACIST AND HOMOPHOBIC! This is subjective testing that is unfairly biased against blacks and gays!

And when one is given these tests, they are told the most terrifying diagnosis of all times, that they have HIV, THE VIRUS THAT CAUSES AIDS. This diagnosis alone will immediately put them in a place of fear and terror which shuts down their immune system immediately! As long as they are in FEAR, they will continue to be open to even more disease.

This also partly explains why ARVs seem to work, as taking something relieves the fear and allows the body to heal itself. The ARVs may have some antibiotic effect, but is it worth the deadly side effects? Long term use is proven to cause liver failure and lipodystrophy! Nevermind that the leading cause of death in the United States for HIV positives is LIVER FAILURE directly due to the ARV medications. WAKE UP SOUTH AFRICA. Like it or not, these ARE the facts!

Your president and your health minister have studied all of this in great depth before they determined that the suppressed science in HIV/AIDS is IDENTICAL to the Apartheid that existed here not too many years ago. Any scientific data that sheds light on the fallacy of believing HIV is the cause of AIDS is not printed due to the censorship and ego’s of those whom continue to support a lopsided view of reality! Your president and your health minister were the ONLY leaders of ANY country in the entire world, that PERSONALLY INVESTIGATED ALL OF THE EVIDENCE ON BOTH SIDES, before they made their determinations.

There are 28 books now written by the AIDS DISSENT camp that clearly demonstrate the falsehood of HIV and the devastation caused by the medications, and I would bet that NOT ONE of you fools that believe in HIV and the ARV’s has read even one! I guarantee your president and health minister have read them. AND they have read the scientific data on the other side.

If you are not careful, the for-profit pharmaceutical companies will bleed South Africa dry, and will prevent money from being spent on the true causes of illness in your country, which is the apathy, and helplessness, and hopelessness, and poverty, and malnutrition, and lack of clean water that any and everyone needs to maintain health to begin with. Get informed, get educated, and WAKE UP AND SUPPORT MBEKI AND YOUR HEALTH MINISTER!

TAC is funded strictly by the pharmaceutical companies that wish to bleed your country dry, and will not tolerate any dissenting beliefs about HIV and AIDS. It is crucial for them to destry Mbeki and the dissidents in order to maintain the multi-billion dollar drug programs through-out the world. Wake Up Please! The future of your beloved country and the future of your children, as well as the rest of the world depends on it!



lincoln Says:
August 28th, 2006 at 9:33 pm
You want to know who’s fault it is that your black countrymen are bleeding and it is being blamed on AIDS?

Look in the mirror, and you will find the culprit unless you are one of the few that actually does what you can to assist in lifting the poorest up out of their lives of hopeless poverty. Look in the mirror anytime you want to find the one who allows children to be raised in stinking ghettos with no clean water, sewage in the streets, lack of food, no hope for work or a better future. What are you doing personally to uplift anyone or change anything besides blaming Mbeki and Manto? If the answer is “nothing but whining about what is wrong”, then YOU are part of the problem. Are you one of the many who is out for what you can get, or seeking to give what you can? Why does SA have so many problems? About 2/3 of your country, as is just the same in any country in the world, needs to look in the mirror! That is where your problems are. Many of you bright boys and girls just want someone to blame, you want simple answers, and something to whine about. You think the answers to poverty and hopelessness and starvation and living in filth is to be found in a pill? Next time bring cheese with your whine, so we can all enjoy it.

lincoln Says:

August 28th, 2006 at 9:34 pm
Of the 172 Concorde participants who died all but 3 were on AZT at some point. The study released in 1993 clearly showed those without AZT were much more prone to survive!

Tac is out to destroy Mbeki, Manto, and any other dissidents and taking over the HIV/AIDS business in their non-stop effort to push proven toxic drugs. Their intent is to do and to spend whatever it takes to install a government that will do their bidding. You sir, are obviously one of their patsy’s.

Here in the United States. The death rate skyrocketed from 1987 to 1997, when AZT was prescribed in 1500mg dosages. The average life expectancy of those taking AZT was 8 months to one year! It was not until 1993, when it was quietly admitted (just think of the liability to doctors, government, and Burroughs Wellcome) among the fools running the AIDS program, that this AZT was found to be killing the patients. Many HIV positive homosexuals absolutely refused to take the drug as they had witnessed many of their friends who were healthy until taking it, sickening and dying in most gruesome ways. These people who refused AZT are the ones that are still alive and healthy, and called “long term non-progressors”. Beginning slowly around 1994 to 1996, doseages of AZT were begun to be lowered by health providers down to 600mg per day. As the dosage of poisonous AZT was dropped to 600mg per day, the patients survived much better, although many still sickened and died of the side effects. 1995 is also when the newer ARV’s came out, and the lowered death rates beginning at this point, and hence the longer longevity, was CLAIMED to be due to the ARV’s when in fact it was due to the reduction of the toxic AZT given to the patients.

Now, the ARV taking patients are living longer, but the result is that those dying are mostly dying of LIVER FAILURE, in direct relationship to who is taking ARV’s, not of something caused by HIV. They are also suffering from side effects such as heart attacks, kidney failure, neuropathy, intracranial bleeding, and a huge number of people disfigured by lipodystrophy (redistribution of body fat creating sunken faces, buffalo humps, extended bellies, etc directly caused by protease inhibitors).

The one thing that ALL long term non-progressors have in common, is they did NOT do AIDS drugs, and live clean and healthy lifestyles avoiding drug abuse.

It was ONY during the time of high dose AZT that the west had a high death rate that was then claimed to be caused by HIV!

Furthermore, AIDS researcher Nancy Padian, did a study, the only study, of heterosexual transmission in the United States in 1997. It was a SIX YEAR STUDY of the transmission of HIV between partners where one was tested and found to be supposedly infected and their partner was HIV Negative. A total of 82 infected women and their male partners and 360 infected men and their female partners were enrolled. Do you want to guess how many of the “uninfected” partners of HIV positives became later infected? Well, sit down, because there was a ZERO transmission to uninfected partners in SIX YEARS OF STUDY!

ZERO sexual transmission! In SIX YEARS!
And yes many of them eventually used condoms sometimes, but 25% NEVER DID and still NO-ONE infected their HIV-negative partner!



Seems to me we should ship our American non-transmittable HIV over to you guys in South Africa, and perhaps the TAC and pseudoAIDS researchers should send your supposedly transmittable virus over here so we can actually have the HIV caused epidemic that they have forecast for the last 25 years.

The only people dealing with sickness that is supposedly due to this supposed transmittable virus, are those with unhealthy lifestyles, high antibiotic use, drug abuse, near starvation, and oppressed lives of hopelessness. AND those that have been poisoned by the drugs. Their death certificates say “Complications of AIDS” which is another way to say that they died of bodily failures due to the drugs!

Are you so foolish as to believe that HIV is some kind of evil genius virus that knows how to tell the difference between White Heterosexuals in Europe and America and prefers poor black heterosexuals in Africa instead?

Are you so foolish to believe that this virus knows the difference between white heterosexuals and only has an apetite for homosexuals of every race instead? Is a minute 9 kilobit virus so intelligent that it can distinguish between these people?

When pigs fly my friend! When pigs fly.

You can fool some of the people all of the time.
You can fool all of the people some of the time.
BUT, You can NOT fool ALL of the people ALL of the time.

Over here in the United States, 250,000 of the 750,000 people whom have been diagnosed as HIV positive are smart enough to see through the bull of HIV. They DO NOT want ANY drug treatment. It is not because they can not afford or do not have access. Everyone over here has access to the drugs, and if they can not afford, they will be given them at no cost payed for by the taxpayers. The drug companies will even handle all of the paperwork to get the approvals. These people are not dropping over like flys!

lincoln Says:

August 28th, 2006 at 9:35 pm
I certainly do apologize if I have offended anyone or made any seemingly derogatory remarks about South Africa in particular, as that also is clearly not my intent. This problem of 2/3 of a population contributing to problems instead of solutions is worldwide, including here in the United States. And I fight it just as hard over here. I think Bush’s AID for Africa 15 billion dollar program is ridiculous. The only aid he offers is money given to pharmaceutical companies for AIDS drugs, especially for the proven to be toxic and worthless Nevirapine. Nothing for clean water, economic assistance, education, or anything of long term benefit. I do not want my tax dollars to go to further poisoning deprived people with toxic poisons.

President Bush had accepted more funding from pharmaceutical companies than any politician in history! Beware! I for one would be more than happy to trade you two George Bushs and I will throw in a couple of Clinton’s for one Thabo and one Manto!

Many HIV positives over here are getting their free medications along with free medical, dental, housing, and a social security check which offers them early retirement. It is quite easy to go along with a program, even when at risk of personal injury from the drugs, when one is scared and addicted to all of the free benefits. It can be quite difficult to give up a deadly belief system when one is well paid to keep it going! All at the cost of American taxpayer’s hard earned money.

lincoln Says:

August 28th, 2006 at 9:36 pm
A person who already knows everything can learn nothing.

It seems to me that many, already seem to know everything about HIV, and AIDS, and HIV medications. If this is the case for you, I am sure there is nothing further that you are able to learn on the subject. Your head seems to be already filled and therefore closed to any further learning.

Full of what, remains to be determined.

There are, however, others reading this thread, whom have heads that are open to further learning, and understand that they do not know-it-all. There are many, who realize that popping a pill is NOT the solution for all of society’s problems. And I address the following to them.

I would suggest that if one is interested in sorting out this HIV subject or in finding resolutions, than it becomes necessary to look at what is already known for ones own self. Otherwise one can only go by the very limited information to be found in what one has been told to believe, and has unwittingly accepted as ultimate truth. Many people have thoroughly investigated HIV, AIDS, the scientific studies, etc, and they have published their investigative works. There are now 28 books written on HIV/AIDS dissent (with 2 more books due out soon), websites, blogsites, documentary films, and articles in esteemed science journals by luminary scientists such as Dr. Peter Duesberg.

Harper’s Magazine is the oldest magazine in the US. They have No affiliations to political parties and no reliance on drug company ads or ties. They are funded by their own non-profit foundation. A very current article is found in the March 2006 story:


The story is called “AIDS, Out of Control, and the corruption of medical science”. Quite a bit of exposure of the corrupt Nevirapine trials in Uganda is found in this piece as well as a look on the inside of HIV/AIDS science.

When this story came out in March, it was like the Mother Of All Bombs had been dropped on the US National Institute of Health’s Dept of AIDS. They are still reeling from it, and have now become terrified of further exposure, and they have become more defensive than ever, including setting up websites to expound on the evil of the AIDS “denialists”, as they like to call them, at www.aidstruth.org You might note that the opening session of journalists at Toronto was a railing session against the AIDS denialists as well.

The issue is becoming more and more polarized, and will continue to become so. It is like Aristotle taking on the Buddha! Only Buddha is enlightened and patient enough to simply speak his truth, and let Aristotle do himself in. Not unlike some of the commenters on this thread.


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  1. I can’t believe I read the whole thing. I think I sprained my cortex.

  2. kleinbaas Says:

    TLDR! 😛

  3. kyknoord: braver man than i

    kleinbaas: you only need to have read the first few paragraphs to know how the rest goes.

  4. naaah. still shocked.

  5. omfg! i tried, but i couldn’t read it all.
    what a load of bullshit!
    and how does “receptive ANAL SEX” cause a false positive on any test?
    maybe if part of the test used calipers?
    i do like the way he kept saying: don’t believe me or anyone else… do your own research!
    well my own research say HIV causes AIDS and you need ARVs to help suppress the virus.
    and saying no-one has ever died from HIV is like saying noone has ever been killed by a man with a gun: the bullet is what kills you, not the man who just shot you.
    people like this should be beaten to death by people with HIV.

  6. …or be on the receiving end of ANAL SEX from people with HIV. We’ll see how false their positive is.

  7. now THAT should be videotaped. i’m assuming we’re including sa’s president and health minister in the list of “people like this”.

  8. I was on hand for the Aetiology link you have up. This guy has a special brand of woo all to himself, with a belief that you make yourself sick by believing in a diagnosis. Good pick.

  9. surprised Says:

    I can’t believe how people reacted to the posts. All the sleazy comments flew without even thinking of the facts. The tests themselves are not as standard as your ECG or pregnancy test.

    Again, you people are stupid for believing the HIV/AIDS theorists. Read and learn people.

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