Virgin Mary Pareidolia

The Virgin Mary sure gets around.

Her image is appearing all over the place these days – on grilled cheese sandwiches, the underside of the Kennedy Expressway overpass, in the drippings under a vat of chocolate, and in a puddle of grease drained from a grill.

The latest incarnation of the Virgin is on the belly of a little turtle, who was promptly renamed Mary.

And just in case you thought the real world had some sort of monopoly on images of the mother of god, she has also appeared in a default wood texture in Second Life. 

Does her holy infiltratrion know no bounds?


4 Responses to “Virgin Mary Pareidolia”

  1. people’s willingness to see signs never ceases to amaze me

  2. If you want to see a great example of Virgin Mary pareidolia. Check out titled Madonna. Thanks,

    fred ressler

  3. actually i think the wood texture one looks more like jesus to me.
    wonders will never cease!
    praise the lord almighty!
    what next!
    the holy virgin in my cat’s regurgitated furballs?
    i shall keep my eyes open indeed!

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